Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vive La Crepe!

Another Foodie Post! 

This is just going to be a picture post. A picture is worth more than a 1000 words.... (Its totally true and not because I am too lazy to write anything!) hehe

51 Spring St
(between Mulberry St & Lafayette St) 
New York, NY 10012
(646) 484-6897

My friend and I got two crepes to split. 
The first one is Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Spinach and Capers

I forgot what the original base of the sweet crepe was but we basically put a lot of toppings in there! 

Cute little napkin menu holder!

Not a very clear shot but here is a close up of the menu =)

I went to this place a long time ago but I forgot to do a foodie Adventure's post. I hope you enjoy the pictures! =)

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Okay so I kind of stole the post from Nouveau Cheap but it seemed like such a neat innovation that I wanted to write it here to share and also keep in my mind that I want to try this product! 

I am really interested because it looks so neat but I am also kind of worried that I might sweat this off... I wonder if my Mac Liquid Last will come off with this also.... I am so intrigued!!! lol The price point I thought would be somewhere in the $50s or close to higher range but the narrator said $12...??!!?!? I can more than that on lunch! (*Cough* occasionally...*Cough*)

Ahhh! So excited about innovation~~ lol

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snacker's Obsession - Trader Joe's Banana Chips

My Current Favorite Snack Obsession is... Trader Joe Banana Chips! My friend Shirley made me a trail mix bag and she put some of these in there and it was super yum..... so of course I asked her where she got them and I made sure I picked some up next time I was at Trader Joe's!

I almost finished one whole bag after less than 24 hours x.x 

Here are some nutritional Facts as well as ingredients if you were interested. I also spotted organic dried banana chips and I think I might want to try those next.

The texture is like dehydrated bananas but they remain very crunchy. I think they do have quite a bit of sugar added to it. I wish it was a little less sugary just for calories and diet sake but they are still very good! It beats the mini Reese's peanut butter cups I been snacking on at work...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Look Back...

At the beginning of 2012 I made the following resolutions... Which one did I complete and which did I break??

1. Not buying any makeup/skincare product unless I have thought about for at least 7 days.
I had good luck with this! I don't recall an impulse purchases this year. Woot!!

2. Not buy anymore eyeshadows, lipstick, lip glosses, concealers, foundation and brushes. This will be tough but I will give myself 8 free passes. (Challenge No Buy 2012)
Total fail on this one... I think I bought 8 new brushes and 2 or 3 lipsticks. I didn't buy any lip glosses, concealers or foundations. Oddly enough the 8 brushes were all bought the in last 3 months of the year... lol

3. Continue to use up products before I purchase others.
I been really good at using up products and not buying too many backup products! 

4.  Leaving my cell phone in my bag during meals.
Total fail again... I am so addicted to my iPhone. It is not because I am super popular and get lots of texts or phone calls... I kind of use it as a shield... if I feel uncomfortable or need to pretend to be doing something... I scroll through my iPhone. I feel naked when my phone right next to me... This is an addiction that needs to be kicked!!!

5. Stop eating past 10pm.
Again total fail... I have come to realize I don't need breakfast... lunch can be bland but dinner is my biggest splurgiest meal and I love it! I still need to kick this habit!!!

Overall... 3/5 fail... sigh... I guess I am not that great at resolutions... That being said... Here are my 2013 resolutions! 

I think having them written down helps motivate me more to achieve the goal. 

1. This year I am going to be a Reductionista! I want to use up more and more of my products I have accumulated. I want to eventually be one of those people who can live out of ONE makeup bag. Probably won't happen anytime in the next 10 years but a girl can dream... 

2. Limit myself to 2 brushes for 2013. (I am currently looking for a good cream blush brush.... Any suggestions?)

3. Leave my phone in my bag during meals.
(I want to try this goal again! Never give up!!!)

4. I want to try to eat less heavy meals during dinner time. Concentrate indulging on lunch instead of dinner. 
(Why? Because I think it will give me more time to "burn" it and promotes a better eating schedule)

5. I want to get back into taking more classes (yoga, zumba) because I want to have more energy in my day. 

6. Watch my spending! I started paying off my loans and 6 years of private uni ain't cheap... *sniff* I want to be debt free!!! 

What are some of your resolutions? And if anyone has a cream blush brush suggestion please let me know! (I don't like stipple brushes... I tried and they don't work well on me)

Finally, No blog post is complete without at least one picture... I was browsing through some wall decals and  I saw this one and burst out laughing! Just to clarify, This is NOT MY ROOM but a picture I found on a website whist looking for decals for my room.. (Hoping to get a tree) 

(Click picture to be directed to the site that sells this decal)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 2012 Empties

The last empties of the year! I have been really lacking on the blogging front but I also been using up a lot of products. 

Lets get started! =D

1. Lancome Bi-facil eye makeup remover - I love this makeup remover and I hoard these minis. A few weeks ago I took a look into my stash and found 6 of these babies and I decided that was 5 too many. I been using them and rekindling my love for them. 
Repurchase: Yes
Rating: Hurray

2. Avon Solutions Plus Maximum Moisture Hydration Booster - This was discontinued a while back and I purchased a couple because Tao raved about them. This is my last bottle. I really wanted to finish this so I used the remainder on my legs just to finish the bottle. I found although it does trap moisture, it left my hands feeling tight. I think with my short attention span I shouldn't purchase multiple items. haha
Repurchase: Discontinued
Rating: Okay

3. Niobe Basic Care Reactivating Cream - My mom got this as a gift with purchase and she didn't want it so she gave it to me. I been using this as a night cream. It is pretty thick but the hydration could be better. It doesn't sink it right away and I wake up in the morning wishing my skin was a little more hydrated. It had a typical asian cream smell. It also lasted me quite a long time.
Repurchase: No
Rating: Okay

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel-Creme - I got this as an extra deluxe 100 point perk sample at Sephora when they did a promotion at Sephora a while ago... (Might have even been late 2011 lol) I loved this cream. First I would to mention this is not super moisturizing and I think the gel creme is targeted towards oily skin types. But I love how this absorbs so quickly. I been using this as my day cream. I have yet to find a day cream that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave me looking oily. I loved this so much that when Sephora sent me a $20 off $50 purchase.
Repurchase: Yes
Rating: Hurray

I bought the biggest size because I liked it that much!

Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Body Cream - I for this little tube in a Birchbox and I didn't like it at all. I wanted to use it as a hand cream but it wasn't moisturizing enough for my hands. I decided to finish the tube on my legs and it also wasn't very moisturizing. It has a thin white cream texture. The scent is what "unscented" smells like. It doesn't state unscented but whenever you buy something that is suppose to be unscented and has this kinda disturbing "old" smell. If you understand what I am trying to say then you might be my soul mate... lol
Repurchase: No
Rating: No Way

For Beloved One Melasleep System Moist24 Sunscreen SPF30 PA+++ - I was recommended this sunscreen when I went to my mom's favorite beauty boutique. I asked the sales girl what is a good sunscreen for people with really sensitive skin. I was trying to get a gift for a friend and she is in my opinion a little sun paranoid. She didn't like it and said she was allergic to it but I think it was more that she sworn off sunscreen because she believes all of them will  break her out. Anyways I digress... I had picked up a tube for myself also and at $40 a pop I was expecting gold from this baby. I think it was just okay. It has a decent moisturizing factor. It is suppose to have whitening properties and I think it does slightly brighten my skin while I was using it. It leaves a very discernible white cast even after the sunscreen has sunk it. I would not repurchase this sunscreen because it leaves the typical sunscreen oily look to my face even if I top with foundation. 
Repurchase: No
Rating: Okay

Johnson and Johnson Reach Clean Burst Spearmint Waxed Floss - Just your typical floss. I don't know what to say except it does what it is suppose to and I like spearmint. I don't have a preference to what type of floss. I usually buy whichever is on sale. I love to floss though. My teeth don't feel clean unless I f
Repurchase: Maybe
Rating: Okay

I left out these two things when I was taking pictures.
Mac Aristo-Chic lipstick (Lustre) - This was suppose to be one of my Project 5 Lips of 2012. This was my very first mac lipstick and I did enjoy it. I loved the packaging and I am glad to see I finally finished it. If Mac ever repromotes this I might repurchase.
Repurchase: Maybe
Rating: Okay

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner - I think this came in a value pack with the shampoo purchase. To be honest I think I got this YEARS ago... lol I found it in the back of the shelf in my shower behind many tall bottles. This little pot was left unused and unloved. I only started using deep conditioners this year and since I ran out of my Aussie 3 minute miracle in June I needed a replacement. This bad boy lasted me 6 months which I think is very impressive considering I use it every time I wash my hair. (apx 3-4 times a week) I love that it is in a pot. I haven't seen it when I cruise through the drugstore isles so I think it has since been discontinued. I did like this product and I am happy to move onto something new. 
Repurchase: Discontiued but otherwise Maybe
Rating: Okay

Okay now for the sample things I used up.

Birds Nest Mask - I bought this at Watson's in Beijing and I think its the Watson's brand...? I have no idea but it was on sale so I grabbed a box. lol... I really enjoyed this mask. It is hydrating, slightly whitening and smells nice. I don't see any dramatic changes but I am not a consistent mask user. This is my last one and I been saving it but I realized that was stupid to have it in a drawer when I can enjoy it! This packet also has a lot of remainder serum in the package after you pull the mask out. I usually spread the rest on my arms and legs. The mask itself has loads of product. I love masks where there is an overwhelming amount of serum! lol Yes I am a greedy girl. 
Purchase: Yes
Rating: Okay

Stila Samples - So I got this in my August BirchBox. I was kind of pissed that this was one of the items. It was such a disappointing sample. I was going to toss it out but ended it up throwing it somewhere and I found it.... lol... so I decided to use it since I did pay for it... 

The Stila stay all day 10 in one HD BB cream - This has absolutely no coverage whatsoever lol.... wasn't mositurizing...kinda just rubbed it on my skin and it disappeared. It was however very easily blendable. I would say it is a very sheer tinted moisturizer. 
Purchase: No
Rating: No Way!!!

Stila Stay all Day foundation - This was thick and I would say medium coverage. It kind of balled up on parts of my face after application which was very weird! I never had that happen to me before. 
Purchase: No
Rating: Okay

The Stila Stay all day Concealer - extra thick concealer but it covers pretty well. A bit drying like the foundation. 
Purchase: No
Rating: No Way

Overall the Stay all Day line except for the BB cream does what it says. It does last all day. This has been the most impressive foundation to me in terms of lasting power. At the end of a 12 hour day, my foundation still looked visible which is unheard of for me. lol Would I purchase it? No. It is too thick for my taste and the odd balling up of the product is really weird. 

Skin Aqua Silky BB Cream - I got this sample from Jacq when we did our swap. I think I love this BB cream... lol. It is super gray when you first apply the product but it adjusts fairly quickly. It is a very high coverage BB cream. I think the highest I have used thus far. It doesn't cover my sunspots but even when I wear foundation my sunspots are still visible. It is so easy to blend this in. I applied this with my fingers and it spreads so smoothly and easily.  I love the coverage and the finish it leaves. It is not overly dewy but isn't super matte. The smell is not overbearing. I got 4 uses out of this tiny little packet! I did have a serious allergic reaction about the same time I was using this baby. I think it might be this but I am hoping otherwise because I am really hoping to repurchase this baby. I have one other sample and I will try again in a few weeks when my skin is back to normal. Since I have been using a few different things this month I can;t pin point which product might be the cause of my problems. 
Purchase: Yes
Rating: Hurray

Kate Somerville Anti-Age Quench Oil Free Hydrating Face Serum - Omg I think I love this! lol It was light yet very VERY hydrating. It absorbs quickly and there is almost no discernible scent. My skin was very plump after using this. Although it is a serum I think it would work as a night time moisturizer. You don't need a lot of this. I got 4 uses out of this packet and I wasn't using this sparingly either. I looked up the price on Sephora and it is $66 for the 1oz (30ml) and $98 for the 2oz. =\ Very pricey for a hydrating serum. I think I will  buy the 2oz if I can find a good discount code.
Purchase: Yes
Rating: Hurray

Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream - Another item I got with my swap with Jacq. Oh my GOSH! This cream smells so good!!! It has this intoxicating crisp apple smell. Not the artifical apple scent. If you bite into an apple the crisp scent that fills your nostrils. It smells EXACTLY like that! I could sniff this all day. As for the cream, it was okay. I am not sure what it is suppose to do but it smells good! lol
Purchase: Yes, Just for the Scent!
Rating: Okay

Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer - This body lotion absorbs quickly and doesn't leave that lotion residue that most lotions leave on my dry legs. It has a pleasant perfumed scent but not overwhelming. It might irritate people with sensitive skin though. The smell does not linger. 
Purchase: Maybe
Rating: Okay

L'Oreal Ever Creme Deep Nourishing Masque - After I finished the Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner I haven't had time to repurchase something new. I had this sample lying around and  thought I would break it out. It was very thick compared to the other deep conditioners I used. It left my hair soft and silky and I do like the results. However the smell is so horrible. It smells like old lady. (No offense to the old ladies out there) During the day every now and again I would get a whiff of this and I would almost gag at the scent. Halfway through my workday I spritz some perfume in my hair to try and cover the smell. I like the results but the scent is a deal breaker for me. 
Purchase: No
Rating: No Way

That concludes my empties for 2013! WOOT! 

Lets do a tally of the products I used in 2012

Full Size: 65
Deluxe Samples: 31
Samples: 23
Tossed: 3

Out of those totals:
Makeup: 13
Lippies: 4

So I failed at Project 5 Lips  but I did come close with 4 products! This has been an eye opener for me. I never thought it takes that long for me to finish a lip product. I am also kind of amazed how many items I actually finished. I think this year I will do a better job at keeping track of the items I pick up for a better comparison. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage 2012....

I probably have graduation goggles but 2012 was pretty awesome for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed my months in unemployment and finally landed a job in my own field. (Before I went completely broke! =D)

I started blogging pretty regular... (Total fail for December though)

I went to Costa Rica with one of my best friends.

I finally got a big desk in my (new) room that I absolutely love!

And finally I am most thankful for getting to know some wonderful bloggers.

You guys share the obsession that none of my other friends understand. We share, we laugh and I smile every time I read a new post. Whenever I have a bad day, your blogs help submerge me into a happy world where there is very little negativity and I am grateful for all the friends I have made here.

I hope all of you have an even better 2013.

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