Thursday, October 3, 2013


Another Foodie Post!

62 Thomas St
(between Church St & W Broadway) 
New YorkNY 10013

Megu is on my restaurant list for a while now. It isn't high up on the list because of it's price and hype. Megu serves Japanese fusion cuisine and is known for their prefixe dinners and ambiance. 

As you descend down the stairs of the restaurant, you are greeted with an "Ice Buddha" sculpture in the middle of room and beautiful cream color booths.

I don't know if the sculpture is really made of ice because I saw someone scoop water from the fountain and pour onto the Buddha's lap but it is breathtaking nonetheless.

Not the best picture of me but I wanted to show the booths.

The decor was very intricate. The lamp hanging above our booths had characters on the inside. I thought it was a nice touch.

The place setting was inviting. However I did not appreciate the wooden chopsticks. I much prefer if they used more environmentally friendly utensils. The chopstick holder (is there a name for this?) is the rock you see on your left. It was a nice touch.

Okay Ari, we get it, the place is pretty move to the food!

Megu is famous for their courses, however since we planned on an early dinner, neither of us were too hungry.

I opted just to pick items on the menu whilst my friend picked their smaller 3 course prefixe.

My friend had the Crispy "kanzuri" Shrimp. It was okay. The coating was sweet and sour. The coating had a crunchiness to it. It was yummy but nothing memorable.

My appetizer was Spicy Toro Tuna Taretare with a bonito sauce
It was densely packed tart shaped tartare. Very smooth and flavorful. The bonito sauce added a saltiness the tartare lacked making it the perfect combination.

We switched Entrees because I wanted the kobe on her prefixe.... hehe

She has the Sushi "Ume"

As expected everything was super fresh. I haven't had good sushi in a while and she was nice enough to share a few pieces with me. ^^

Now my Kobe Beef "Ishiyaki" required more setup.

I was given a stone tablet to cook my beef as well as some sauces to dip.

They gave me a piece of meat with mostly fat on it to smear onto the slab. It was quite fun!

I am surprised the slab stayed hot enough to cook since I spent a lot of time chitchatting away~

On to my favorite part of any meal... DESSERT!

I ordered their dessert sampler and boy was it a generous sampler!

My friend did not believe me when I told her the Green Tea Mille crepe was most likely from Lady M Cake Boutique. When we drilled our wonderful waiter he confessed to it! Point to Ari!!

The dessert plate was absolutely amazing! I had considered picking up a Green Tea Mille Crepe cake for my birthday however this hit the spot perfectly! 

I wonderful experience at Megu. 

Would I go again? Probably not. I might take someone on a business meal but not for sole purpose of enjoying the food. It was good but not amazing enough to warrant a return.  


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