Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Studio Store?

A while back I was having dinner near NYU and on my way home I noticed a small store but the simplicity of it stood out to me. Then I looked closer....

I grabbed this picture off another blogger)

Now it was already after business hours and the store was closed but I always had it in the back of my mind to go there. Since I passed by a few times but always late at night. The store was taunting me... like it is saying I will never get a chance to go inside!!!

Well, I was having a dinner with some old coworkers and I made it a point to swing by here BEFORE I met up with them. (The hours for the store wasn't bad at all I am just a night owl.)

Although the shop says ELF Studio, it carried their mineral line as well as their regular $1 line. 

I knew exactly what I wanted. The ELF short stipple brush. Emilynoel83 had recommended it a while back for cream blushes and I knew I had to try it!

I browsed around but nothing really caught my eye. I think I've grown out of buying ELF makeup. The lasting power just isn't there but I do love their brushes. 

I saw this one shopper with a HUGE shopping bag worth of products and was still adding to it and I felt kind of proud of myself. I walked out with two brushes. Pat on the back for me. ^^ I didn't gorge on the inexpensive and compelling products.

Here is a closer look at the brushes. I also picked up the small Tapered brush. I touched it and it was soft as expected and it look like it would make a good bronzer brush. (I never wear bronzer...)

So that is it for my minuscule haul. It was mostly curiosity that drew me in, and experience that kept me from buying anything more.


  1. Good girl, Ari for the controlled haul!

  2. An ELF Studio???!!! :-O

    Great job for the self-controlled haul! And I completely agree with you... I don't think the quality is there, but I do love some of their brushes.

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