Friday, September 6, 2013

Snackin at Trader Joe's

I usually get hungry around 11am whilst I am at the office. So my coworker E. and I always have snacks around. This week we swung by Trader Joe's and this is some of the things that we picked up. 

So this didn't actually make it to work because I ate most of it when I got home... xD
But it did give me inspiration to make my own artisan popcorn. My coworkers loved it!

These little cheese sandwiches remind me of the Ritz ones I use to eat as a kid only they taste better! Both E. and I thought they were super addicting!

These are "healthy crackers" but they don't taste like it. Another favorite of E. and I!

And our final purchase was one big dud!! These taste no better than Chips Ahoy cookies which I think also taste HORRIBLE! They just taste like cardboard! Chocolate chip cookies should smell good, taste the sweetness of the brown sugar and the slight googy chocolate chip. These are a totally fail! I really do not recommend them at all!! Trader Joe's please remove them from your shelves. They taste like nothing!

E. and I are always looking for snack options. Our jobs are dull so we need pick me ups to get through the day. Not to mention we both just like to eat! haha


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