Saturday, August 24, 2013

What it feels like to lose a part of you....


Those where the emotions I felt when I was browsing a fruit stand in Toronto. On and some good for nothing piece of poop decided it was okay to pick pocket my iPhone 5. 

I hope they trips and falls in dog poo and breaks their front teeth and then stabbed by the glass that just happens to be on the floor. 

Yes I am a very spiteful person. 

My phone was my baby. I loved it, it was there to keep me company during my claustrophobic daily commute. It connected to my friends, to blogs as well as current events.

Not to mention it takes 10 hours by bus to get home from Toronto and I had to suffer through that without my phone. ( I did have my friends iPod Nano or else I would have gone crazy.)

I've always been a klutz and I constantly lose things but never have I lost my phone. I had a plan, if I was to ever get robbed, I rather throw my phone on the floor hence shattering it than hand it over but this took me by surprise....

Luckily for me I have lovely friends that asked around so I wouldn't have to she'll put $700 for a new phone because I didn't have insurance...(Which by the way is ridiculous!!) 

My manager lent me his work phone to use whilst I was without a phone... I felt so loved... (He was secretly trying to convert me to Android... It didn't work) 

One of my besties boyfriends sister had an extra iPhone 4s sitting around which she was nice enough to sell it to me for cheap! I was so excited to have a phone to call my own again!!!

Although it weighs a ton compared to my iPhone 5, it runs on 4G and is 32gb so I think I will be able to survive till next September when my phone plan expires. 

Luckily I had an iPhone so my iTunes had a backup of my phone with my notes,apps etc etc so restoration was simple. 

I feel whole again. Ari and phone united once again!!

After reading that long rant, Please enjoy this sunset picture I took when I went to Lake Superior. (With my iPhone 4s)


  1. My sister 's iPhone 4S broke down last month and she went ahead to buy a new iPhone 5....
    I love apple but I don't find the iPhone price justified...
    (Typing this on my iPad)

    1. When you renew your 2yr contract here the price is only $200 which is something I would be willing to pay. But never for the full price. I am tempted to move to android if iOS7 fails to impress. (Maybe its all that tvb brainwashing or my manager's manipulation tactics...)


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