Saturday, August 24, 2013

Groceries @ Trader Joe's

So I got back from my trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula on Wednesday and I needed some groceries. I been really into smoothies lately. Mostly because its so much work to make a salad, its easier to throw it in a blender and drink it! I finished up most of perishables before I left so I needed to restock. All that greasy fried food (Though super delicious) wasn't helping me in the whole getting a better body goal. 

I headed straight to my Trader Joe's (Right after a gym class of course xD) and picked up the following groceries. 

Kale and Spinach. I just grab a handful, wash em and blend them and I don't have to worry about my greens. =D

The key to making any green smoothie sweet is an apple! The baby tomatoes are for me to snack on. 

I also picked up some berries to sweeten things up. I usually dont put a lot. I do love the frozen pineapple in my smoothies because it does wonders. I use to buy a bag of mixed berries but they always have blackberries and if I make smoothies for my dad or my brother they hate the seeds. 

I also picked up some grapes. I remember watching a video on Michelle1218 eating habits and she mentioned she freezed grapes. (I rewatch that video for ideas all the time!) I tried it with these grapes here which I never had before but there was sign that said "End of Summer Special" so I shrugged and said why not? 
They are absolutely AMAZING!!!! SO GOOD. Today is Saturday and I bought these on Thursday and started eating them yesterday and they are all gone... T.T I need to get my hands on more ASAP!!!
They taste best frozen, I ate one after I washed them and the skin was too tart for me. When you freeze them you don't notice the tart taste. (I wash them and pull them off their vines and pop them into a container and stick that in the freezer)
They are fairly expensive, this whole box was almost $4 which I think is a lot compared to other grapes. 

I also picked up two packets of these smoked salmon pieces. They are sooo good and I can eat one pack in one sitting. I find they are not overly salty compared to other smoked salmon. 

I also picked up some snacks for work. The string cheese is a great pick me up and my coworkers also love it. I love the Monterey Jack. The string cheese is the first time I am buying this. Its okay. I prefer the Monterey Jack. 

So these peas... omg so good. They aren't packed full of salt and its addictive! My coworkers love it too! 

They always have flowers at Trader Joe's. They were exceptionally breathtaking this day. I never buy any because I am never home and I am lazy about the upkeep. My coworker at work is allergic to flowers so when he is mean to me I joke about sending myself flowers. hehe


  1. Please post up your smoothies recipes! I've never made a smoothie with veggie in it, so I'm eager to learn from you!!


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