Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So Jenn wanted to take my other friend Annie and I to this little japanese restaurant. They serve authentic japanese cuisine  Since the two of us were such japanese food lovers she thought we would really enjoy it. She was right! =D

77 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

They are kind of secretive. If you weren't looking for it I don't think I would have noticed it. 

They serve tapas like Tokyo seasonal small dishes. (Per their website)

It was a small bulding with three flights. The seating was mainly on the second floor and the third was the restroom and I assume offices are. 

Yes real pebbles!

Here is a shot from the third floor.

These bamboo shoots are hanging lightbulbs that light up each table on the second floor.


I always love it when they restaurants put a fresh bouquet of flowers in the bathroom.

This isn't our table but here is a typcial seating with curtains or blinds for privacy. 

Here is the menu.

Okay finally is what we ate. 

手作り豆腐 鰹だし淡醤油
Cold Fresh Tofu
Fresh and silky homemade tofu served with light dashi sauce

Sauce container for the tofu. 

Grilled Nasu Dengaku
Grilled Japanese eggplant topped with house-blend white miso

Rocksalt Jidori Chicken
Simply grilled free-range chicken enjoyed in 3 ways: by itself, with lemon, or with yuzu pepper

Raw Jewel of the Day
Today’s selection of sashimi or oysters
We had Red Snapper, Salmon and Yellow Tail

Grilled Saikyo
Black Cod
Kyoto miso marinade

Grilled Riceball
Spicy cod roe mayonnaise

Potato Mochi
Deep fried potato rice cake served with spicy mayonnaise

And for Dessert...

Mineoka Milk Tofu
Heavy cream and kudzu starch (no soymilk): strawberries, Azuki red beans, white chocolate

This was a wonderful dining experience. Everything was really good and fresh. Thank you so much for taking us Jenn! 

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