Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Corner, Side or Middle??

So I was out to lunch with some of my friends and we walked past this darling dessert place. We decided to go in. 

They have a punch card system but the lovely little touch at this shop is they have containers for you to leave your card there! That way it is less bulk in your wallet and you don't have to remember to carry it!

Some of artwork around the shop.

They have a cookbook on sale too!

Want to leave a tip but have no change? Dipjar tipping machine!! ADORABLE!!!

What sold me on this place is the service! The owner was super nice. It was our first time so she offered samples and detailed descriptions of her products. When we went to order our brownies she even asked if we prefer Corner, Side or Middle. That kind of blew my mind. She said it was because a lot of people have their crust preferences. I was floored!
Here is what we got!


A look at their decor
Let's check out the bathroom next!

They have chalk so you can write on the walls!
Of course I left my name! hehe


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