Saturday, April 27, 2013

Post Office Fail

This story happened in February. On a Saturday when I was lazily spending the day at home my brother walks in and says... hey you missed a package.

What!?!?!? Did the postman even ring the doorbell ._.

Reading the Label I knew it was from Liz! I had been expecting a package from her and I was super excited!

So I had this yellow slip in hand, and since the post office hours conflict with my work schedule I would have to wait a whole week till next Saturday to go pick it up.

Luckily I have friends like Bay. She is wonderful and kind and she said yes and I asked if she would pick up my package for me.... hehe

So I signed off and handed her the slip and my drivers license and two days later I got this text.....

So during my lunch hour, I of course had to face time her whilst she opened my package. And it was a beauty indeed....

I heard so much about Addiction products from Liz! I was super excited to see what she sent me! I was squealing whilst I was on Face Time with Bay.... My coworker thought I was slightly crazy...

I've used the eyeshadow already and it is gorgeous! So sparkly and reflective!

So it is now April and I am finally putting this up. Why so late you ask?

Pure laziness mixed with a bit of hesitation. These blushes are so beautiful. They look like liquid gold in the pans I didn't want to swatch them.. ><

I tried to capture the liquid gold looking quality.

I still have yet to swatch these babies. If your interested please head over to Liz's blog to see her swatches!


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