Friday, February 1, 2013

New Possessions - January

This year I decided to keep track of all the purchases I made. I think it is a good way to keep track of my acquisitions as well as my empties. =)

I am going to name these posts Ari's Latest Possessions! 


So I might have went a little nuts on The Body Shop body butters. I always wanted to try them but at $19 a pop that was too much to pay for what they are. Even when they do BOGO sales it still seemed like too much to spend. Well when they dropped to $8 I picked up 2. Blueberry (below) Floral Acai (Dad stole as a gift for someone) A few days later they lowered it down to $5 and I went nuts!

I had bought 9 (-1 that my dad stole) in total and a hand cream but I am returning 3 of them because the scents didn't wow me and I had too many already. (Another Floral Acai, Rasberry, Love Etc. body butters and the Hemp Hand cream)

I been eyeing the passion fruit and papaya body butters for almost a year now! So glad I finally got my hands on them. The only ones I've used so far are the Moroccan Rose and Blueberry and I love them both!

I needed a new deep conditioner and Walgreens was doing a special on this moroccan argan oil treatment. (Originally $8.50-$10) I got it for $4.99 and BOGO 50%!!! Needless to say I snatched two of them!

Ah... BIG... How I love thee... I spoke highly of this shampoo in my previous posts. I have been living without this baby for months now. At $27+ tax it definitely isn't a bargain, still I think it is worth every penny. Plus a tub of this lasts me over 8 months! Only reason I haven't repurchased it sooner is because I wanted to use some of my other shampoos because if I had BIG I know I would neglect them... (And I have....)

My skin has been super dry and I finished my night cream last month... I needed something to moisturize my face during these cold windy winter months... I tweeted Jacq a skincare savant and beloved blogger and she recommended the Naruko AMPM Desert Extreme Hydra Cream. This baby is THICK! First impression... it doesn't spread easily and it is SUPER THICK! I guess it must be super moisturizing... lol

My local boutique doesn't carry the Naruko AMPM lines so I placed an order on Amazon. I have to say I am very amazed. I ordered this on Sunday and I received it on Wednesday. This is where I purchased it if you were interested. Link!

Lastly.... I saw these when I was shopping at I think TJ Maxx and I saw a bunch of beauty things that I wanted to pick up so badly but I bite my lip and walked away.... I did however pick up some stuff you Jacq *wink wink*

I remember seeing Tao talk about the 40 carrot products so I thought you might like to try these. I might have to keep the eye cream because it is in a glass jar but we will see how it goes. It might be a while before you get them.... lol

Lastly, my feet have been really dry because of the winter weather so I saw these and wanted to try them out. I put lots of lotion on my feet and then put these on. They don't really work but they are fun and fuzzy! hehe

I am going to try and keep up with these Possessions posts but sometimes if I only buy one or two things it doesn't seem enough to write a post. Hopefully I can do it!!!

(BTW I want to thank my friend Bay for helping me come up with this name.... It was either New Possessions or Ari's Add-ons....)


  1. 1. nice name, 'possessions' sounds great.
    2. the desert cream, you use it more or less like la mer. melt it in your palms with pressing motion, then press your palms on the face. check out this youtube, they speak taiwan mandarin, with demo
    3. yay! buy me anything Tao talked about and I will be a very happy bunny. can't wait to try the mangoes, I can almost smell them now :D


  2. Sweet new possessions! I love those Body Shop Body Butters and wait for sales to stock up as well. The beauty section at TJ Maxx is way to tempting for me that I just have to avoid it sometimes :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  3. Great haul!!! I love those body butters from The Body Shop!


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