Monday, February 11, 2013

Insomnia = New Discoveries...Graze

So it's 3:05am on a Sunday night... Really regretting that nap I took this afternoon... I have to be up in 4 hours and still wide awake... I hopped into bed at 11:15pm... And am still currently in bed...What have I don't since then???

Spent the first 45 minutes talking to the bf... In which he was rushing me to sleep so he could stop babysitting me... (It sounds mean but I make him babysit me to sleep on a daily basis... So really I'm the mean one here... Keke)

Followed by some Dealnews/Twitter/Instagram/Groupon reading...

And lastly YouTube videos. I was watching stylesuzi's vlog and she was talking about this game called candy crush. After sucking the first two rounds... I went and beat everyone of my fb friends and obtained the #1 high score from level 3 to 8. I won't give up till I kicked your ass. ^^

Then back to youtubing... I clicked on a video by LePooke. (She is a huge lover of all subscription boxes, if you were ever interested in any type of subscription box check her out) She was talking about this subscription service that started in the U.K. and is started a prelaunch in the U.S. (I've seen it on some U.K. Vloggers videos and I was slightly intrigued)

Graze us basically a weekly food subscription service that costs $5. About 4 minutes into the video.... Give or take... (I pretty much was hooked when she said it was limited and my first box was free) I decided to sign up for it. Each code can only be used 4 times so obviously the codes she shared where all gone... And it was invite only... Dammit...

But Ari doesn't give up there... I went onto Safari and typed in "Graze invitation Codes" and went through a few blogs....

When I stumbled onto this blog ... Parsimonious Parcels and I clicked on the "FBVIP" code and it worked!!!!

After signing up and typing in my credit card number... I went back to finish watching the video... LOL

(Here is my invite code... good only up till 4 uses in case you were interested)

I am super excited to try this... Though it could be the insomnia talking.... I even sent it to my office so I can nibble on these before lunch... (when I usually get hungry)

Each box comes with 4 containers so its almost like your paying $1.25 a portion. I wouldn't say that is a bargain but its within an acceptable price range... It will give me enough snacks for 4/5 days a week, assuming I eat the whole container in one sitting... It's better than the chocolate covered pretzels and recess peanut butter cups I've been woofing down.... (U.K. Boxes are 3.79 so difference in price isn't huge)

February 9th 2013... After finally getting off BirchBox for 3 months... I am hooked on another subscription service... Yet I don't feel an ounce of regret... Just giddy anticipation... But it could just be the insomnia....


  1. I am on level 87 in candy crush... You should add me on fb ad friends :P

  2. Replies
    1. By the way, I have awarded you the Beautiful Blogger Award... I know Liz tagged you too. You have to do it!


  3. Cool services that you discovered! I've been hearing a lot about candy crush, I need to check it out sometime!

    Suzie Q


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