Saturday, February 9, 2013

Disappointingly Discarded

So I decided to change the name of my Out with the old In with the new posts to Disappointingly Discarded. 

This is a quarterly series where I go through and pick out things that need to be tossed because I disliked and won't ever use or if they have expired. 

I personally feel eye shadows don't expire and you can keep them for a long time. However I decided these needed to go. 

Wet n' Wild I Got Sunburned palette - It's not that I didn't love this trio... but after having another one of my klutzy incidents, it smashed and I tried to press it but obviously that was a total fail....

ELF Shimmer Palette - This was pretty to look at, but I don't think I used it more than once or twice. I have other cream bases to use as highlights and they offer very little color payoff as eye shadow. 

NYX Trio in 01 White, Grey, Black - I had one of these trios previously but I left it with one of my other friends and I told her she could keep it. I went to repurchase this and for some reason this one was such a dud. The last palette (exact same one!) was very pigmented. I could use the black as a liner and the white I used for an intense highlight... This one was such a dud... Will I pick up another one? Maybe... I have plenty of matte black's in other palettes, I am more interested in a matte white... maybe I should stop by Inglot.... 

Swatches of the ELF shimmer palette and the NYX trio swatch side by side 
(as you can see there is no color payoff on the NYX trio at all)

Lorac on Screen Duo in Fame and Fortune - I attempted to use this a cream liner few times but as you can maybe tell it is really dry and hard. I can't seem to get it loaded on a brush and when I manage to use it, it smears almost within an hour. The little shimmer shadow was okay but I am not going to keep this just for the shadow. 

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse in 150 Classic Ivory - As you can tell I used this a lot! I loved this product. It covers well and leaves a really nice finish. However... color was so off on me... In sunlight, it looks very very pink. Like blotchy pink throughout my face. I picked up another shade but it was also very off. I hope to find another cream foundation that will match me better. If you know of a good cream foundation please let me know!! 

Alima Pure Organic Nourishing Lip Balm in Rhubarb - I really loved the spearmint flavor this lip balm has but after a while it got really gritty... So I mushed it on a tissue and.... yuck.... I tried cutting off a good chuck of this lip balm but the tube was still giving me this gritty feeling... I didn't like this at all.. The color was nice though... 

NYC Sunny Bronzer - I like this bronzer a lot, but after a while, there is this film on it??? I have brand new one I haven't opened yet so this is going in the trash....

Swedish Skin Apple Rejuvenating Cream - Uh.. I remember using this and not being all that impressed with it... I decided to just toss it. My skin has been such a snob lately I didn't want to have to go through using it again... 

Peter Thomas Roth SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen - I love the idea of this!! It is powder sunscreen in a tube and comes through the brush so its easy to apply throughout the day. It is hard to reapply your  SPF on regular days. It is not like you can smear the sunscreen over your makeup... My one gripe with this product... The brush is super scratchy! I don't like this product on my face at all. Also when push the container down, the powder sunscreen flies out which can be annoying if your wearing black clothes.... 

Avon Blush Brush - This was a scratchy horrible brush that is going in the trash. 

Sephora peel off lip peel - First of all, the product doesn't have instructions on it... total fail. I had to go online to search for it. You are suppose to apply this to your lips and then exfoliate (with fingers?) by rubbing it in. The product is super sticky an doesn't really work. It is a lot of work to spread and rub this in that makes me think it is my rubbing and not the product that is doing the work. Total fail product for me 

These are my Disappointingly Discarded products for the first quarter. Do you have any products that failed you?


  1. Oh my...that one photo of the lip product is so gross! LOL! I love that bronzer, but its a shame that you had to discard it. Good thing its under $4 LOL Great post hunny!

    1. It is suppose to be a lip scrub but its so tacky.. lol... I love the bronzer too! I have a backup already ^^

  2. I use to use the mousse foundation too, same color problem. I actually just use concealer and mineral powder now. Live in a hotter climate now so get sweaty :)

    I wanted to invite you to join our weekly Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It runs Friday nights till the end of Monday, come link up if you have some time :)

  3. must be relieving to discard things that just stuck there! :D i'm going to borrow this name, when i toss things out again. you won't mind, will u?

    1. not at all! I am just happy you like my name =D


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