Thursday, February 28, 2013

Only a month late.... January Empties

So I think this is the longest I procrastinated on an empties. But it is okay! Because late is better than never! 

Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum - I got this at a Caudalie deluxe sample at a Caudalie event at The Plaza. This sample lasted me FOREVERRR..... It was very light, thin and it spreads easily. It has a very pleasant perfumed scent. Because it is a firming serum, I mainly apply it on my forehead and my neck. I don't know if it is really doing anything... at 26 my wrinkles aren't super apparent... (THANK GOODNESS!!) I wouldn't repurchase this because of the price point (I think it is $88) and it isn't something that I want to focus on right now.
Repurchase: No
Rating: Okay

Biodroga Systems Special Care AHA Gesichts fluid - My friend bought this at a spa months ago. The facialist sold it to her to help with her uneven skin tone. Turns out it costs her almost twice as much the product MSRP and it broke her out. Since she paid so much for it, she decided to give it to me. (Okay so I asked for it, since I didn't want her to throw it away.) It has a artificial perfumed smell that was a little overwhelming at first but you get use to it. I loved the pump glass jar packaging. Overall I did like this product but I am not wowed by it. It gave me a slight noticeable difference in my skin tone. This tube lasted me a few months. It spreads fairly easily and absorbs well. Would I repurchase? Probably not. I rather have something that is more easily accessible. 
Repurchase: No
Rating: Okay

I <3 Sasatinnie Aloe Vera & Green Apple mask - I got this as part of a swap with Jacq. It was a good mask. It was a good pick me up for my overly dry skin. The hydration didn't last overnight but it did give me a shot of moisture that my skin needed. 
Repurchase: Maybe
Rating: Okay

My Face Works I Need to Heal Aloe Vera Face Mask - I think I received this in my very first BirchBox back in 2011. I was using a black face mask the kind you  peel off after it dries. I didn't take into account how dry my skin was and it just irritated is so badly and I saw this in my stash. The title "I need to Heal" spoke to me. It re-hydrated my skin and I was so happy to have this. That being said, I think overall the mask is just okay. It packed a lot of product and works well for a quick boost. The hydration didn't last past the initial 2 hours and I am very fickle when it comes to masks. I might never stick to one type of mask. 
Repurchase: Maybe
Rating: Okay

Joseristini H2O Hydrating Gel - I got this from Jacq. I don't know how I feel about this product. It has a weird goopy gel texture. It is very interesting but I don't know how I feel about it yet. 

Etude House  Collagen Moistfull Essence-In Base and Essence-In Foundation - The Base applies a pale green color. I can only assume it is to cancel out redness. The Founation covers well. It has a good solid Medium coverage. The foundation feels light and the color is light enough to match my very pale skin which I love! It blends easily. The finish is dewy. I normally don't like a dewy foundation but this is acceptable. 
Purchase: No
Rating: Okay

Laneige Water Supreme Foundation SPF 15 PA+ - The color matches me well. It is pale enough which is hard to find because my face is darker than my neck and chest so I always try to find a lighter color foundation. It has a light to medium coverage and I love that it looks like skin. It is not hydrating but not drying. I definitely have to moisturize well before using this product. One othre issue is it doesn't last through the day on me. However nothing really does but I think it fades a litle quicker than most other foundations. Laneige isn't readily accessible for me but if I would definitely consider purchasing this. 
Purchase: Yes
Rating: Hurray

Pur-lisse Pur-Product essential daily moisturizer - Ah.. this little packet... I hated this product! The product claims to absorb quickly for a grease-free application. First of all, it was very greasy and it doesn't absorb quickly at all. It also broke it out. I only used it twice before this half full packet needed to be trashed. 
Purchase: No Way!!
Rating: No Way!

Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Bright serum - I was always intrigued by this product so I am happy to try this product. It has a very citrus scent but it is pleasant. I don't think I liked it enough to make a purchase but I am happy to have the chance try this. 
Purchase: No
Rating: Okay

So super late empties... I will work on the February empties. I just glanced at the bag so it looks a little more interesting than this one. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Insomnia = New Discoveries...Graze

So it's 3:05am on a Sunday night... Really regretting that nap I took this afternoon... I have to be up in 4 hours and still wide awake... I hopped into bed at 11:15pm... And am still currently in bed...What have I don't since then???

Spent the first 45 minutes talking to the bf... In which he was rushing me to sleep so he could stop babysitting me... (It sounds mean but I make him babysit me to sleep on a daily basis... So really I'm the mean one here... Keke)

Followed by some Dealnews/Twitter/Instagram/Groupon reading...

And lastly YouTube videos. I was watching stylesuzi's vlog and she was talking about this game called candy crush. After sucking the first two rounds... I went and beat everyone of my fb friends and obtained the #1 high score from level 3 to 8. I won't give up till I kicked your ass. ^^

Then back to youtubing... I clicked on a video by LePooke. (She is a huge lover of all subscription boxes, if you were ever interested in any type of subscription box check her out) She was talking about this subscription service that started in the U.K. and is started a prelaunch in the U.S. (I've seen it on some U.K. Vloggers videos and I was slightly intrigued)

Graze us basically a weekly food subscription service that costs $5. About 4 minutes into the video.... Give or take... (I pretty much was hooked when she said it was limited and my first box was free) I decided to sign up for it. Each code can only be used 4 times so obviously the codes she shared where all gone... And it was invite only... Dammit...

But Ari doesn't give up there... I went onto Safari and typed in "Graze invitation Codes" and went through a few blogs....

When I stumbled onto this blog ... Parsimonious Parcels and I clicked on the "FBVIP" code and it worked!!!!

After signing up and typing in my credit card number... I went back to finish watching the video... LOL

(Here is my invite code... good only up till 4 uses in case you were interested)

I am super excited to try this... Though it could be the insomnia talking.... I even sent it to my office so I can nibble on these before lunch... (when I usually get hungry)

Each box comes with 4 containers so its almost like your paying $1.25 a portion. I wouldn't say that is a bargain but its within an acceptable price range... It will give me enough snacks for 4/5 days a week, assuming I eat the whole container in one sitting... It's better than the chocolate covered pretzels and recess peanut butter cups I've been woofing down.... (U.K. Boxes are 3.79 so difference in price isn't huge)

February 9th 2013... After finally getting off BirchBox for 3 months... I am hooked on another subscription service... Yet I don't feel an ounce of regret... Just giddy anticipation... But it could just be the insomnia....

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Disappointingly Discarded

So I decided to change the name of my Out with the old In with the new posts to Disappointingly Discarded. 

This is a quarterly series where I go through and pick out things that need to be tossed because I disliked and won't ever use or if they have expired. 

I personally feel eye shadows don't expire and you can keep them for a long time. However I decided these needed to go. 

Wet n' Wild I Got Sunburned palette - It's not that I didn't love this trio... but after having another one of my klutzy incidents, it smashed and I tried to press it but obviously that was a total fail....

ELF Shimmer Palette - This was pretty to look at, but I don't think I used it more than once or twice. I have other cream bases to use as highlights and they offer very little color payoff as eye shadow. 

NYX Trio in 01 White, Grey, Black - I had one of these trios previously but I left it with one of my other friends and I told her she could keep it. I went to repurchase this and for some reason this one was such a dud. The last palette (exact same one!) was very pigmented. I could use the black as a liner and the white I used for an intense highlight... This one was such a dud... Will I pick up another one? Maybe... I have plenty of matte black's in other palettes, I am more interested in a matte white... maybe I should stop by Inglot.... 

Swatches of the ELF shimmer palette and the NYX trio swatch side by side 
(as you can see there is no color payoff on the NYX trio at all)

Lorac on Screen Duo in Fame and Fortune - I attempted to use this a cream liner few times but as you can maybe tell it is really dry and hard. I can't seem to get it loaded on a brush and when I manage to use it, it smears almost within an hour. The little shimmer shadow was okay but I am not going to keep this just for the shadow. 

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse in 150 Classic Ivory - As you can tell I used this a lot! I loved this product. It covers well and leaves a really nice finish. However... color was so off on me... In sunlight, it looks very very pink. Like blotchy pink throughout my face. I picked up another shade but it was also very off. I hope to find another cream foundation that will match me better. If you know of a good cream foundation please let me know!! 

Alima Pure Organic Nourishing Lip Balm in Rhubarb - I really loved the spearmint flavor this lip balm has but after a while it got really gritty... So I mushed it on a tissue and.... yuck.... I tried cutting off a good chuck of this lip balm but the tube was still giving me this gritty feeling... I didn't like this at all.. The color was nice though... 

NYC Sunny Bronzer - I like this bronzer a lot, but after a while, there is this film on it??? I have brand new one I haven't opened yet so this is going in the trash....

Swedish Skin Apple Rejuvenating Cream - Uh.. I remember using this and not being all that impressed with it... I decided to just toss it. My skin has been such a snob lately I didn't want to have to go through using it again... 

Peter Thomas Roth SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen - I love the idea of this!! It is powder sunscreen in a tube and comes through the brush so its easy to apply throughout the day. It is hard to reapply your  SPF on regular days. It is not like you can smear the sunscreen over your makeup... My one gripe with this product... The brush is super scratchy! I don't like this product on my face at all. Also when push the container down, the powder sunscreen flies out which can be annoying if your wearing black clothes.... 

Avon Blush Brush - This was a scratchy horrible brush that is going in the trash. 

Sephora peel off lip peel - First of all, the product doesn't have instructions on it... total fail. I had to go online to search for it. You are suppose to apply this to your lips and then exfoliate (with fingers?) by rubbing it in. The product is super sticky an doesn't really work. It is a lot of work to spread and rub this in that makes me think it is my rubbing and not the product that is doing the work. Total fail product for me 

These are my Disappointingly Discarded products for the first quarter. Do you have any products that failed you?

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Possessions - January

This year I decided to keep track of all the purchases I made. I think it is a good way to keep track of my acquisitions as well as my empties. =)

I am going to name these posts Ari's Latest Possessions! 


So I might have went a little nuts on The Body Shop body butters. I always wanted to try them but at $19 a pop that was too much to pay for what they are. Even when they do BOGO sales it still seemed like too much to spend. Well when they dropped to $8 I picked up 2. Blueberry (below) Floral Acai (Dad stole as a gift for someone) A few days later they lowered it down to $5 and I went nuts!

I had bought 9 (-1 that my dad stole) in total and a hand cream but I am returning 3 of them because the scents didn't wow me and I had too many already. (Another Floral Acai, Rasberry, Love Etc. body butters and the Hemp Hand cream)

I been eyeing the passion fruit and papaya body butters for almost a year now! So glad I finally got my hands on them. The only ones I've used so far are the Moroccan Rose and Blueberry and I love them both!

I needed a new deep conditioner and Walgreens was doing a special on this moroccan argan oil treatment. (Originally $8.50-$10) I got it for $4.99 and BOGO 50%!!! Needless to say I snatched two of them!

Ah... BIG... How I love thee... I spoke highly of this shampoo in my previous posts. I have been living without this baby for months now. At $27+ tax it definitely isn't a bargain, still I think it is worth every penny. Plus a tub of this lasts me over 8 months! Only reason I haven't repurchased it sooner is because I wanted to use some of my other shampoos because if I had BIG I know I would neglect them... (And I have....)

My skin has been super dry and I finished my night cream last month... I needed something to moisturize my face during these cold windy winter months... I tweeted Jacq a skincare savant and beloved blogger and she recommended the Naruko AMPM Desert Extreme Hydra Cream. This baby is THICK! First impression... it doesn't spread easily and it is SUPER THICK! I guess it must be super moisturizing... lol

My local boutique doesn't carry the Naruko AMPM lines so I placed an order on Amazon. I have to say I am very amazed. I ordered this on Sunday and I received it on Wednesday. This is where I purchased it if you were interested. Link!

Lastly.... I saw these when I was shopping at I think TJ Maxx and I saw a bunch of beauty things that I wanted to pick up so badly but I bite my lip and walked away.... I did however pick up some stuff you Jacq *wink wink*

I remember seeing Tao talk about the 40 carrot products so I thought you might like to try these. I might have to keep the eye cream because it is in a glass jar but we will see how it goes. It might be a while before you get them.... lol

Lastly, my feet have been really dry because of the winter weather so I saw these and wanted to try them out. I put lots of lotion on my feet and then put these on. They don't really work but they are fun and fuzzy! hehe

I am going to try and keep up with these Possessions posts but sometimes if I only buy one or two things it doesn't seem enough to write a post. Hopefully I can do it!!!

(BTW I want to thank my friend Bay for helping me come up with this name.... It was either New Possessions or Ari's Add-ons....)

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