Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Look Back...

At the beginning of 2012 I made the following resolutions... Which one did I complete and which did I break??

1. Not buying any makeup/skincare product unless I have thought about for at least 7 days.
I had good luck with this! I don't recall an impulse purchases this year. Woot!!

2. Not buy anymore eyeshadows, lipstick, lip glosses, concealers, foundation and brushes. This will be tough but I will give myself 8 free passes. (Challenge No Buy 2012)
Total fail on this one... I think I bought 8 new brushes and 2 or 3 lipsticks. I didn't buy any lip glosses, concealers or foundations. Oddly enough the 8 brushes were all bought the in last 3 months of the year... lol

3. Continue to use up products before I purchase others.
I been really good at using up products and not buying too many backup products! 

4.  Leaving my cell phone in my bag during meals.
Total fail again... I am so addicted to my iPhone. It is not because I am super popular and get lots of texts or phone calls... I kind of use it as a shield... if I feel uncomfortable or need to pretend to be doing something... I scroll through my iPhone. I feel naked when my phone right next to me... This is an addiction that needs to be kicked!!!

5. Stop eating past 10pm.
Again total fail... I have come to realize I don't need breakfast... lunch can be bland but dinner is my biggest splurgiest meal and I love it! I still need to kick this habit!!!

Overall... 3/5 fail... sigh... I guess I am not that great at resolutions... That being said... Here are my 2013 resolutions! 

I think having them written down helps motivate me more to achieve the goal. 

1. This year I am going to be a Reductionista! I want to use up more and more of my products I have accumulated. I want to eventually be one of those people who can live out of ONE makeup bag. Probably won't happen anytime in the next 10 years but a girl can dream... 

2. Limit myself to 2 brushes for 2013. (I am currently looking for a good cream blush brush.... Any suggestions?)

3. Leave my phone in my bag during meals.
(I want to try this goal again! Never give up!!!)

4. I want to try to eat less heavy meals during dinner time. Concentrate indulging on lunch instead of dinner. 
(Why? Because I think it will give me more time to "burn" it and promotes a better eating schedule)

5. I want to get back into taking more classes (yoga, zumba) because I want to have more energy in my day. 

6. Watch my spending! I started paying off my loans and 6 years of private uni ain't cheap... *sniff* I want to be debt free!!! 

What are some of your resolutions? And if anyone has a cream blush brush suggestion please let me know! (I don't like stipple brushes... I tried and they don't work well on me)

Finally, No blog post is complete without at least one picture... I was browsing through some wall decals and  I saw this one and burst out laughing! Just to clarify, This is NOT MY ROOM but a picture I found on a website whist looking for decals for my room.. (Hoping to get a tree) 

(Click picture to be directed to the site that sells this decal)


  1. Hahaha! That room picture made me burst out laughing! If I ever have a daughter who wanted to do this, she would so get "THE TALK!" :-)

    Those were great resolutions you made for 2013 and it was impressive that you kept 3/5 resolutions in 2012! Good job, Ari!

    That idea about being a ONE makeup bag girl is a great idea! I'll do it with you! :-)

    1. Thank You <3 I am excited to use the products I have. You fall back in love with so many things. And if I ever achieve the ONE makeup bag... I know they will be the best of the best to ever make it in that bag! lol


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