Monday, December 31, 2012


So I have been eyeing kale chips for the longest time. I love anything crispy and a healthier alternative to fried potatoes?!?!? I was all over that! Not too many places sell kale chips. I did see them in Whole Foods but it was $8 for a small container and it seemed extremely overpriced for baked kale.

Jenn saw this at Trader Joe's and was nice enough to get it for me! I was so excited to try this. I remember I scowered the isles of Trader Joes and was unable to locate any kale chips. I assume these are something new?

Sadly I was very disappointed in the taste. I am not sure if it is the taste of kale that I dislike or the nacho flavor they added. I have had kale before and I did like it so I am going to assume it is the nacho taste that I dislike.

It doesn't taste horrible, it has this stale taste to it. The crunch is quiet enjoyable. But the aftertaste it leaves is quite unpleasant.

If you ever swing by a Trader Joe's and this catches your eye... PLEASE keep walking! 

Thank You

In October Jacq and I did a swap and there was one thing that I wanted which needed to be shipped by sea. I received the package about two weeks ago and broke into it immediately! Needless to say I was overwhelmed with her generosity.

I never tried any Naruko products and I know Jacq raves about the brand all the time! Can't wait to try this! 

I wanted to try her favorite oil cleanser from Ponds. I am still working though my current cleanser but I can't wait to break into this!!

She also sent some whitening toners! I was really addicted to toners for the longest time so I am super excited!

Thank You so much for your generosity Jacq! I can't wait to dig into everything!

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(P.S. I got this package in November but I been so busy with the move I forgot to do this post ><)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Where has the time gone? November Empties

Okay so it's Dec. 22nd and I am just posting my November empties. I have this bad habit where I know something is late, I just keep procrastinating in hopes it will magically be completed. Sadly that is never the case. So without any further procrastination, my NOVEMBER EMPTIES.

Cotton squares - Not much to say, I go through a pack every few months. I use them to remove my makeup, apply toner and even to wipe down my mirror with cleaner. I usually get these from a Japanese supermarket. I only use the squares, I find round cotton pads with the stitching to be too harsh on my eye. Fully layered cotton squares worth perfectly! I love the Shiseido cotton pads but these are about 1/4 of the price although the cotton isn't as high quality they do the job.
Repurchase: Yes!
Rating: Hurray!

Store brand mini razor - I absolutely adore these things. They are disposable little razors and I mainly use them for my eyebrows. My eyebrows need grooming about 2-3 times a week and to constantly have it pluck out baby hairs is a pain. A few quick swipes under the brow and two swipes over and my brows look freshly waxed. This has been a such a time saver! They usually come 3 in a pack. I bought these at my Rite Aid - a drug store chain but I don't have a specific preference on where I get them. I bought new ones at Pathmark (supermarket) when I was doing some Thanksgiving shopping! lol
Repurchase: Yes!
Rating: Hurray!

Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant - My favor antiperspirant. I used up a few of these and will continue to repurchase. They make them in a few different scents, even waterproof!
Repurchase: Yes! It's a Holy Grail!
Rating; Hurray!

Supergoop! SPF 30 sunscreen - I think I got this in a Birchbox. I was super excited to try it. I had seen the jumbo size at Sephora but didn't want to take the leap just yet. I am glad I didn't. This sunscreen leaves my skin super shiny and smells like sunscreen. Granted it is sunscreen but I really dislike the sunscreen smell. It doesn't really sink in and the shine doesn't go away. Even topped with a powder the shine is apparent.
Repurchase: No
Rating: No Way!

Neutrogena eye makeup remover - I poured the Neutrogena eye makeup remover into this Sonia Kashuk makeup remover bottle because... Well... It just looked nicer. I always pick up a few whenever there is a 40% off Neutrogena sale at the drugstore. I don't necessarily like how oily it leaves my skin but for $3-$4 you can't beat the price.
Repurchase: Yes only when it is on sale
Rating: Okay

Sephora by OPI nail polish remover - I think they have since reformulated this product. Mine was a purple color. It was okay. Did what it was suppose to do. I would opt for a drugstore remover because it is overpriced for what it is. Nothing spectacular but no complaints.
Repurchase: No
Rating: Okay

Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sun Screen - I love this aerosol sunscreen. I love that its for kids which makes me feel like there are less harsh ingredients and is more gentle ... (Which could be totally bogus!!) But it is very waterproof and does the job and doesn't leave me feeling too sticky. I used it all summer and barely got a tan. I bought this last summer so I think it's time to get a new one. Although my friend has tried the lotion version of the Neutrogena sunscreen and it broke her out. I dislike the lotion because its too greasy for my taste but I absolutely love the aerosol!
Repurchase: Yes! Holy Grail!
Rating: Hurray!

That's it for my November empties! I been so busy with holidays work and moving that blogging fell through the cracks! My google reader currently he over 600+ unread posts!

Till next time

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