Monday, December 31, 2012


So I have been eyeing kale chips for the longest time. I love anything crispy and a healthier alternative to fried potatoes?!?!? I was all over that! Not too many places sell kale chips. I did see them in Whole Foods but it was $8 for a small container and it seemed extremely overpriced for baked kale.

Jenn saw this at Trader Joe's and was nice enough to get it for me! I was so excited to try this. I remember I scowered the isles of Trader Joes and was unable to locate any kale chips. I assume these are something new?

Sadly I was very disappointed in the taste. I am not sure if it is the taste of kale that I dislike or the nacho flavor they added. I have had kale before and I did like it so I am going to assume it is the nacho taste that I dislike.

It doesn't taste horrible, it has this stale taste to it. The crunch is quiet enjoyable. But the aftertaste it leaves is quite unpleasant.

If you ever swing by a Trader Joe's and this catches your eye... PLEASE keep walking! 


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