Tuesday, November 6, 2012

September Birchbox

So back in Mid September I applied for a position at Birchbox and I thought it would look pretty bad if I was no longer subscribed to them so after cancelling my subscription for 10 days, I resumed it ._. 

I wasn't expecting to get the September box since I didn't resume till past their billing AND shipment date but nevertheless I received one in late September. 

To be honest I just kind of threw it on the side and haven't really looked at the contents till I took these pictures. I took a quick glance when I received it. Here are the contents. 

There was a "gift card" for Madewell website. It really urks me when they call a coupon code a gift card. A gift card shouldn't require a minimum purchase. Shame on you Birchbox for trying to trick us with your marketing techniques!

As for the contents.... 

I was excited about this Benefit sample till I opened it up... I hate packaging like this.... this is too much to be one use and having it sit like that on my counter top is just annoying... I am interested in trying this cleanser out and I do appreciate it is a nicer foil packet sample.

It amazes me how these went from being called lifestyle extras to becoming your main samples. These are good hair bands to have around but I wouldn't purchase them. They have horrible wear... I ruined the old ones within a few days and the color of of the fabric fades. 

I am not big on primer but it is always good to have some on hand. This is a decent sample and i like that it has a pump. From what I can tell the bottle is one of those vacuum types that pushes the bottom up when you pump it which I love! 

This color club color is a custom created shade by Birchbox. It appears to be a muddy blue gray. The color looks flat in the bottle but we shall see how it applies. =)

I always thought you could get Nexxus in the drugstores? I am not impressed with foil packet samples.... I have so many shampoo packets I should really use them just to get rid of them. But when I am in the shower I am usually in a hurry and fumbling with foil packets is extra seconds I can use on something else. 

I think lifestyle extras are becoming my favorite parts of Birchbox! lol This month we got to sample three tea bags. It is still a little warm here for me to be drinking hot tea but I will definitely use these  later next month! 

In our Birchbox there was a fall look book. I took some pictures. =)

I received a call in mid October from Birchbox stating I did not get the position but I have one more  Birchbox for October that I will be posting. That however will truly be my final Birchbox. =)


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