Friday, November 2, 2012

"Your Mom has better skin than You do"

Yes that is what my facialist said to me.... I been very bad about getting facials the last few months and since I couldn't go to work due to power loss in lower Manhattan I decided to go get a facial.

My facialist asked me if I had an allergic reaction to seafood or used something funky... My skin was the worst she had seen.... "At this point your mom has better skin than you do" (We use the same facialist)

Omg!!! The horror of hearing those words!!! She then went onto extracting all the oil and whiteheads from my face which is always excruciatingly painful.

So after a long chat, I think the current sunscreen I have been using might be the cause of my breakouts. (Been using the Supergoop sunscreen)

She suggested the Clarins sunscreen which I purchased. (I love that she does suggestions but does not push products on me! I had to ask her for it at the end of the facial)

Here's a picture of the aftermath....

She said I should come back in 3 weeks to redo the treatment ><


  1. OH, my poor darling!!

    Time for a new Esthetician!!

    1. Its really my fault for not taking better care of my skin, I really love her actually x.x shes a tough love (but in a nice way) kinda person... lol

      Btw respond to my email!


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