Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gotta Collect them all!! - Sephora FF2012 Haul Part 2

Like a normal beauty junkie I was just browsing the Sephora website and in the travel section I saw some new Stila travel palettes...

Ooooo.... $10 each... 5 variations in total...
Hmmm... Probably won't use them...
But they are so pretty!!!
Remember your other unloved Stila palettes in the drawer...
NO! Must not buy!
....oooo... Limited edition....
...maybe I should buy them and give them away??
*scoffs* probably get your fingers in them the minute they arrive... NO ARI!!! only?!?!?
....*checks Stila's website*
....$16 normal price and no longer in stock?!?!?
*Runs back to Sephora website!!!*, click, click....
"Thank You for ordering at Sephora."

I have no self control....

I also picked up a Tarina Tarantino Black Diamond Liquid Eyeliner. It is a multi-color glitter suspended in a black base. The black isnt strong enough but it will look nice layered over a black liner for intensity. 

Also grabbed a 100 point redemption for Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray. I never tried a thickening hairspray before so it might be nice to see what it does to my fine flat hair. 

I also picked up a few things during another visit to Sephora for some gifts I won't be showing here.

I picked up two more Caudalie Cleansing waters/ Lip Balms to give away. 

The Purity Foaming 3 in 1 Cleanser and Nars Velvet Lip Pencil in New Lover I got with my Sephora Points. I thought they were pretty good size and might make good gifts so why not? lol

I also shamefully have renewed by VIB status yet again ... I was quite surprised they give you a welcome box with a huge mirror inside along with some coupons! 

The brushes I picked up before the Friends and Family Sale but I thought I would throw them in here. I LOVE the IT contour brush (the pink one) Just looking at it makes me happy! I decided I wanted another angle face brush just because I prefer that shape for my blush/bronzer applications and I won't need to wash mine as often. This brush picks up a ton of product with a light tap! I am really enjoying it! Plus it is super soft!!! 

I didn't need another angle brush but my friend recommends this one so I thought I would grab one to try. Also picked up a short smudger brush. I lost my last tiny smudger brush I got in a palette that I loved. =( Hopefully this will perform as well!

My wallet hasn't taken a beauty hit like this in a long time but it makes me happy and that is all that mattters! I also ordered two sigma brushes in the mail since they were doing their once a year free shipping event for black Friday. Excited to see how much I will like those! 


Update: I did end up returnin the Stila palettes because they sat in a box for two weeks and I decided they weren't worth keeping if they are going to live in a box. 


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