Friday, October 5, 2012

Out with the Old and In with the New Part Quatre

For those unfamiliar with what is going on, this is a quarterly series about that gives me an excuse to finally throw out stuff I will never use in my collection and recognize I wasted my money on them. 

I have a review of the Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Here. I tried really hard to finish this but every time I use it, I fell like in addition to the previous oiliness that it did not remove, it left my hair feeling heavy and loaded with product. 

My very first foundation! (The same bottle too ><) This is what started my love for makeup. I was recommended this by a sales girl at Sephora and I thought it was a miracle worker. I had never owned foundation before this! I loved the finish and coverage at the time. As you can tell I did use it. As I got more into makeup I noticed it was breaking my out slightly. I just tossed it aside when I started purchasing other products and it has been sitting in my drawer ever since. I decided it was time to let this go. (Mostly because I need the space in my drawer xD) 

Looking at these liners you must think... Oh wow they were well loved! No... no they weren't... The Sephora white liner was a full size pencil and I sharpened it to that small! It refused to sharpen, the wood would always break and splinter and the product was hard and chalky. Saw this at the bottom of my stash and decided it needs to go! 

The MUFE eyeliner originally was a mini (half of a full size pencil I got it in a set) so I did use it but not as much as you think. I did like this pencil but when I reached to use it the other day (messing around with liners) it had dried out and tugged on my eyelid. I don't use pencil liners much... actually almost! I've given majority of the ones I have away but I still have a few here and there. I pulled out the product from the pencil to show you how much is left... I have to say thats a lot of liner left in such a small pencil!

Not too horrible a month. I am hoping I won't have any for the last quarter of 2012 but we shall see! 


  1. i have several eyeliners that refuse to be sharpened and severals that dried up in their body. Um... totally share your experience/feelings.

  2. Hi! Just stopping by! I probably should throw out some of my junk too... I've been using the same blush for the past 5 years. Can't be too sanitary. Still trying to look for a good liquid eyeliner though :) love your blog! Especially the product reviews



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