Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012 Empties

If you haven't read Jacq's blog yet, you should probably head over there asap! I am really loving her rating system. With her permission I am going to start using this when I do empties posts and mini reviews so if you don't want to read my babble, it will give you a quick and simple translation. Plus it rhymes! Whats not to love! haha

Hurray, Okay or No Way

A slow empties month but I am very excited that I finished one full size product!

I finished a full size face wash! I think this my second full size face wash! lol I always get so many with GWP and other things that I never have to buy face wash....

Neutrogena Redness Soothing Cream Cleanser - I have been using this cleanser on and off  but during the summer I was consistently breaking out and it was driving me nuts. I switched to just using this cleanser hoping the salicylic acid will help. It didn't... I can see why this is a popular cleanser. The consistency is smooth and creamy (i.e. the name) and foams nicely. I would recommend this to people who like foamy cleansers with some acne fighting properties. If you have  acne and hoping it will help get rid of them this is not the product for you. As for the redness reducing properties, I only notice a different immediately after cleansing but the results do not last. I would not repurchase. Rating: Okay

The Face Shop Collagen Mask - The mask is has a slightly floral scent but not unpleasant nor is it strong. It does linger for a couple hours. I don't think it was particularly moisturizing and did too much for my skin. I would no repurchase. Rating: No Way

Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Cream SPF 15 - I got this sample during a Caudalie event I attended at The Plaza. I was using this as my day moisturizer and it smells divine with the signature Caudalie scent. (Their products are derive from grapes but the scent is not exactly like a grape smell) I tried many Caudalie products and I think this cream was just okay. For a cream with such a low SPF after application it leaves my face a little too dewy. It also takes longer than I would like to sink into my skin. I have very little time in the mornings so every second counts. I would not purchase this item. Rating: Okay

Erno Laszio Night Serum - I got this in a very old Birchbox. I only got two uses out of this and the texture wasn't anything special. The product doesn't spread easily on the skin but absorbs quickly. Base on my experiences with this product I don't think I will be looking into anymore Erno Laszio products anytime soon. Rating: No Way

I almost forgot I also finished another bottle of the Neutrogena makeup remover. I forgot to keep the bottle so I just took a stock photo off google. I been through a few bottles of these already and it is my favorite dual phase drugstore eye makeup remover. That being said I only buy it when drugstores do 40% off offers. I prefer the Sonia Kashuk one over this one but that one is about $10  and I usually pick this up for $3.50 when it's on sale. My favorite is the Lancome Bi-Facil because it works so quickly though the price tag doesn't justify the extra 10 seconds saved holding the other brands up to my eyes, waiting for it to "melt" my eye makeup. 
Rating: Hurray

I had another face mask that I used up this month but my mom threw it out before I could get a picture of it. It was my favorite moisturizing face mask I have used thus far and my last one. =(



  1. I thought u would use the okay hurray rankings :'(

    1. lol I had 10 minutes to get it up before it became November... I am revising it now haha

  2. All your empties.. there was no good ones.. don't you hate that!
    I really want to try some of the Caudalie products!

    1. its both good and bad... I used up products that have been taken up space and I can move along to using products I enjoy again! haha

  3. Hey Ari, I wanted to know how your doing. Is everyone safe? I hope you and yours weren't affecting by the storm. Please message me at your soonest convenience.


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