Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For the rest of my life?!?!

Wow I can't believe its been two weeks since my last post. If you don't know, Hurricane Sandy ripped across NYC and neighboring states causing a huge storm surge cutting off mass transit and killing power in a big chunk of Manhattan. I am fine and haven't had any issues with power or flooding. However I am suck at home for the week because of lack of transportation and power in certain areas. (I have no excuse not to be blogging... haha)

On a positive note...  I GOT A JOB! woohoo!!! I started on the 16th and that's what I been doing the last two weeks. 

The end of my life bumming at home is over... I really miss waking up at 11 and doing nothing... haha

Then it hit me... I have a job now... I will be working for the rest of my life or the next 50 years.... D= 

On the plus side, I have an excuse to wear makeup everyday to work so that's always fun ^^ 

I am still planning on doing posts about my room which has significantly shrunk in size so its going to be fun puzzling all the furniture in my little room x.x I been drawing up plans in my head and moving things around and I come to the conclusion that I will just get the bed first and plan the rest of the items accordingly. I will have more pictures up when the renovations are over. 

I have a bunch of reviews planned but the main reason why they are not up is because I have been too drained/lazy to write them... haha I will hopefully get them up soon.... 

I want to do a collective haul if I ever get around to taking pictures. I didn't want to post it because some of these purchases were from August but I think it would be a good idea just to keep a record for my own benefit. 

Now to bring back a little beauty into my blog....

I received this lip balm from a friend almost 2 years ago and I love the smell, how well it moisturizes and the feel. So why do I still have it after so long? I hate pot lip balms. The idea of dipping my finger into it is repulsing. That being said this little pot sits on my table and I have been diligently using it with a cheap ELF $1 concealer brush I got way back when. And I finally hit pot!! woohoo!!! 

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