Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Place to call my Own

I would first like to warn my readers that this is a Renovation Project and not a Beauty related Series so feel free to click away if your not interested.

So we are renovating the 2nd floor of our family house. My parents are moving my brother and I up there. Currently they are knocking down the walls and old fire places. I am super excited to plan how my room. My current room is just more like half storage half living space and one big mess. I am not a neat person. I now have a chance to start from scratch and see what I come up with. 

Things to keep in mind

1. Unemployment. Not having a stream of income strongly damages my purchasing power. I want to decorate once and be done with it. I want to be happy with things the first time and not move things around too much.

2. We are actively looking for a house to move into. Our current place doesn't have a garage which is a pain. So why renovate? Because the second floor hasn't had any changes since we moved in almost 17 years ago.

3. I want to never fold anything ever again. That being said I want a big closet in my room.

4. Simplicity is key. =)

I won't be doing a lot of DIY on this project. Why? Because I just don't have that type of talent. 

I wish I took some before pictures of my room... but this is what it is after one day of demolition...
(there are parts from the kitchen in there also)

They are going to flatten out that wall so more of the fireplace will be removed. The space to the right of it was a weirdly shaped closet that also has been knocked down. 

Remnants of the odd shape closet.

This is a picture of what the fireplace looked like. This is from what will be my brothers room.

The space I will be working with. The door by the window will be sealed.

Flooring will be changed. We are currently deciding between wood or tile. I like wood and my brother is a fan of tile.

I am very excited to start this series. I want to keep track of my progress and ideas and I couldn't think of a better outlet for me....


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