Monday, September 10, 2012

Fashion's Night Out

Last Thursday (September 6th) was Fashion's Night Out. A couple of friends and I decided to hit the town! This is the 3rd year for FNO and my second time attending. 

My goals were to check out the shops, (look for freebies) and of course admire the fashion. 

Here is a shot of Bergdorf Goodman. I thought it was so cute how they decorated the building!



                        My Previous Lip Color                                 Shiseido's Lip Laquer in 501

They gave everyone a freebie lippy, not sure why the box was so big though... the lippies weren't available for purchase at Uniqlo but they did write it down for us in case you liked the color. I let the MU pick my color for me and she used the one she was wearing!

Sorry there aren't more pictures, we got preoccupied. At H&M stores they were offering 30% off one item which my friend was super excited about! I wasn't looking into making any purchases but I came out with a new jacket =____= She however couldn't find anything! lol

They also gave us a coupon for future purchases!

We also stopped by Juicy Couture because there was so many people! (we wanted to see what was going on) It was so crowded we had to leave within minutes. They were also giving out samples of their new Viva La Juicy La Fleur perfume which I will probably give away. 

We also went to Saks but pretty much every store and street was so full of people it was hard to take pictures (Or remember to take them!)

On our way home we did pass by this street sign which we thought was hilarious! 

I love going out with my girlfriends and FNO was a great experience. I know they have events in most major cities. What was your FNO experience?


  1. I love that ribbon wrapped around Bergdorf Goodman! I totally forgot you have uniqlo over there :)

    Ari, 501 looks gorgeous on you!! I checked my Shiseido lippies and I don't own it...must order now :P

  2. I really need to make it a point to go next year! It looks like fun! And free lipstick? Yes, please! Yours looks great!

  3. That building is super cute the way its decorated. Looks like it was fun!

  4. Looked like you had a great time! I missed FNO in toronto this year but it's nice reading about it from people in different cities

  5. Hi! I am your newest follower and you have a wonderful blog:)

    I would love a follow back at

  6. Yay, I found another blogger from NYC!

    FNO looks like an event that shouldn't be missed. Maybe I should attend next year's to see what all the fun is about!

    1. Omg yay!!! welcome <33

      You should totally go and get run over and pushed and shoved! haha

      But it still is tons of fun! Especially when you do it with your girlfriends!


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