Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Piece of History

I was rummaging though my makeup and I stumbled into a shadow quad. I have always been reluctant to throw it out. It was one of the first makeup items I ever purchased.

It was summer and I was in middle school. I went to a fair with my friends and I saw a stand selling makeup items. We browsed around and I saw this. Besides those fruity lip glosses with the roller ball I had no other makeup items. I fell in love with this quad. The colors appealed to teenager in me and I had to have it. I loved this quad, even though I have no idea how to apply it. I rubbed my finger into the cream and rubbed it onto my eye. Not the most professional but I had thoroughly enjoyed this product!

In case you can't read it
Color Delight
Cream Shadow
Pinch of Purple

From Left to Right: Blue, Purple, Pink, White

I want to know what is your oldest/most memorable makeup item in your possession? I would love to read about it!

I am going to point out a few people because I am very nosey....hehe

I hope you girls will write about a piece of your history!


  1. I have just one thing in my collection that Ive owned for a long time, its a highlighter cream. I bought it when I was a teenager way before I was properly into makeup thinking it was a foundation. I didnt even know what a highlighter was then and so it never got used, and its nearly all the way full still now. But I thought id keep it as a reminder :)That quad is pretty, do you ever still use it? x

  2. Awww... I Hv to do this... Let me dig dig... Give me some time ......

    It is really hard to part with something that is associated w so much memories.... Mmmm

  3. I love this post Ari!!! I have a few things in mind...I'll make a post soon :)

  4. awww isn't it interesting how a piece of makeup can bring you back to a certain time in your life? I recently threw out a Covergirl powder compact that I hadn't used in years, but the smell of it took me right back to highschool!

  5. OMG I have one too! It's this pink lip balm from Bonne Bell. You know it's old when it's Bonne Bell! I think it was a gift from a cousin when I was in elementary school. Its net weight is 0.14 oz and there's still a lot in the tube.

  6. I have giant collection of lip smackers! They're all like 5-7 years old at this stage , I'm not even using them but they smell so nice, i just can't throw them away ! :)

  7. This summer I found some old makeup also, and I just couldn't throw it :)

    I found your blog through Blog Love Therapy blog hop and followed :)
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  8. God knows what id find in my multiple boxes of makeup....i have loads of stuff from ages ago!!
    Found you via the Blog Love Therapy blog hop

  9. Great blog!! :)
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  10. Great Post!!!! I've been getting ready for my trip to Taiwan and *sadly* have been neglecting my blog. But I'm soooooo gonna do this for you! Thank you for helping me find my passion again!!!!

  11. Just found you through the blog therapy blog hop xx Its fab isnt it for finding lovely new blogs to read xx Would you like to follow each other ? xx

  12. Post looks regarding the product, gurl!

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    The Misty Mom

  13. Hi! i love you blog, you should follow me back at :)

  14. haha, that's cute & it's so shimmery!

  15. Hey :) I awarded your with The Sunshine Award. More details here xx

  16. That quad is really cute!

    Besides the Lip Smackers fruity lipglosses & rollerballs, I never had any makeup growing up either! My mom bought me my first Chanel lipgloss when I was 17/18, but I was never interested in makeup then. When I was finally interested (at the age of 21... that was only 3 years ago!), my mother-in-law took me to the MAC counter and bought me my first foundation and blush (Studio Fix Powder & Dainty mineralized blush) and I was addicted ever since! Kind of boring, but that's my story! =)


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