Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pampering in Flight

Whenever I go on a trip (flight/bus/long drive), I always take the time to do pamper myself. In truth couple hours of nothing but sitting there can be very dull so I find ways to amuse myself. 

Recently I flew to Costa Rica and this is what I took as my carry on liquids. 

I got to check one bag so I kept all my other necessities in there. This baggie just held the things I wanted to use for the flight.

The products themselves are not important. I choose these products because I wanted to finish them/ they were small and handy to have around.

You will need a serum, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, cuticle oil and hand cream. 

From Left to Right
1. Swedish Skin Apple Rejuvenation Serum
2. Avon Cuticle Oil Pen
3. L'Oreal Lash Serum
4. Kanebo Whitening Lotion (Toner I transferred mine to this little bottle)
5. Kiehl's Dark Spot Correcter (Serum)
6. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
7. Juice Beauty Blemish Be Gone
8. StriVectin SD Eye Cream

If you a wearing makeup just remember to take it off before you start this routine. I usually won't wear makeup pre-flight but will bring it to put on before we land. 

First thing I do is use the Toner to wipe off any residue I might have left on my skin. (I brought a couple of cotton rounds but if you don't have any just use a tissue. Second I apply the serum of my choice, in this case I put on the Kiehl's Dark Spot Correcter and once that is absorbed into my skin I put the Apple Serum. (I was attempting to finish this bottle but normally it is your own preference how many serums you use)
While that is absorbing in, I use my Cuticle pen to brush a little on my nails and cuticle area. My hands get really dry on the plane and I most definitely don't want dry nails. If you don't have this type of product or don't want to carry it, This would be the time to apply a light layer of hand cream. 
I was facing some breakouts so I brought my Blemish Be Gone stick and spot treated. 
This is the part that may differ. I normally carry a few paper face masks with me but on this trip there were a lot of people on the flight so I was uWhncomfortable using it. In this case I applied a THICK layer of my Clinique moisturizer as a mask and just left it on my face. I also put on a thick layer on eye cream. 
After that is all done, I apply a good about of hand cream and take a nap! (Or read)
(If you forgot your hand cream, your moisturizer will work also)

For longer flights (5+ hours) I might redo this routine later in the flight. 

Tip: If your flying make sure the part of the bottle where the product comes out is facing up. I made that mistake with my eye cream and the juice beauty treatment and it exploded out when I opened them on the plane. 

Do you have an travel routine? Please let me know! I am always looking to change things up!



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