Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Review

I love Majolica Majorca and my favorite mascara is their Lash Expander Frame Plus. I have tried other mascaras by their brand and I thought I would mention one of them here.

The brush on this mascara is the typical style you would see on a normal mascara.

I will be judging this mascara on three criterias. Length, Volume and Curl

It is a mascara that has lots of fibers, I find has more fibers than the expander frame plus. This is a great mascara if you want something to lengthen your lashes. It does provide a little bit of volume but not much.

I do find that it can be a little difficult to get a good coat on your lashes. Each coat only puts on a small amount of mascara. I do find this to be a layer-able mascara. I can put 2-3 coats on without a problem.

Now the most important part of mascara criteria. Does it hold a curl?

Not really... I find that it tends to droop my lashes around 2 hour mark, however for you girls who may not need it to hold a curl like hairspray to a hairdo then you will like this mascara. 

I would definitely recommend this mascara to most girls and it is a good mascara. As for me, this doesn't do enough to merit a repurchase.

Curl: 6/10
Lengthening: 9/10
Volume: 7/10
Results: 7/10
Packaging: 9/10 (I think Majolica Majorca is so adorable!)
Price: 7/10 $20 (I bought this when I was in Taiwan for $11 but you can order it online at imomoko)
Scent and Texture: 9/10 (not much of a scent)
Repurchase: No
Holy Grail: No

After curl before Mascara

2 coats of mascara



  1. Hey great blog. I found you through BlogLoveTherapy blog hop.

    Adele xx

  2. i think majolica majorca mascaras are better when they come in a comb applicator instead of a traditional brush-wand...

    thx for the review - i will skip this one! hehe

    like your eye. show it to us more ;)


    1. I think so too! It has been a mixture of bad lighting and fuzzy closeups that kept my eye in hiding. I did figure out how to take clearer close ups today lets hope it works for my eyes too! haha

  3. Thanks for the review! Definitely appreciate the before and after pics of your lashes!

    1. I will try to do more of these ^^

  4. I see you have pink nails! Very nice!

  5. wow, it made quite a bit of a difference. great blog girl :)


  6. Wow, wow - it looks great and the bottle is so pretty. I'm a new follower from the BLT hop! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  7. looks like a great mascara, can you get it in england?

    Checking out your blog from blog therapy, do check mine out too :-)


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