Friday, July 6, 2012

June 2012 Empties

A very late Empties post. I apologize for being M.I.A. A short trip to Toronto coupled with Independence Week and a sprinkle of procrastination is a bad combination....

Onto the Empties!

Since I was away half the month I separated my vacation empties.

I finished a Travel size bottle of Nivea bottle lotion, a small bottle of conditioner I swiped from some hotel room.

You might recognize the lip gloss from my Project 5 lips. Sadly the tube broke so I had to throw it away but considering it was pretty empty to begin with I am going to count that. =D

My little cousin broke my NYX gloss in Apricot which I had to throw out before I could take a picture. I won't be counting that in Project 5 lips because it was still pretty full before its sad demise.

I have been hoping to finish this moisturizer for months! I absolutely hate this. It leaves your face so greasy and shiny. It doesn't absorb well and even after applying foundation and powder on top it still makes my face look unattractively shiny. So glad I finally finished it and I will not recommend this to my worst enemy.

I polished off three masks, nothing spectacular and not on my repurchase list.

The particular Missha Raspberry mask had very little serum on it. It was kind of disappointing considering the pretty packaging.

I got this as a freebie with some other purchases. I let me friend use this mask and after about 30 minutes the mask was still dripping with serum. She didn't particular like or dislike the effects.

I picked these up when I was last in Beijing. It was on sale and I do like them. The perfume is strong but not unpleasant.

I brought this mascara for my friend to use since it offers volume but no length. After opening the tube it was completely dry. Very disappointing. The mascara did have a very nice lychee scent. I found it very pleasant.

This is my last bottle of this apple serum and I know this its been discontinued. I love the smell but I am glad to get rid of this bottle.

Finally I have some samples that I polished off during this visit.

Small packet of Peter Thomas Roth Sunscreen. Wasn't particularly impressive and it had the a sunscreen smell and shine that I don't find particular attractive.

I used this on the flight home and I think I really like this! I put on a thick layer to act like a mask. My friend offered to give me some to try again to see how much I like this product and whether or not it merits the effort to try and get my hands on this. haha

I finished this Claudalie eye cream. It is somewhat thick and hydrating but nothing that wow-ed me enough for a repurchase. A little of this does go a long way.

That is it for the items I used up while I was in Costa Rica. 

I only finished two things while after coming home to NY but I am still very proud of myself! haha

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner - I liked this a lot. It took a very long time to get through it. I used it every time I washed my hair unless I was in such a hurry I couldn't spare the 3 minutes. (Everyone has those mornings....) This left my hair really soft and supple. I squirt a big dollop onto my hand and run it through my hair from my neck downwards and use the remaining product on the hair attached to my scalp.

 I have heard that there is this agent that bonds a "plastic like coating" to your hair that gives it the soft and shine. It did put me off a bit but I still enjoyed it a lot. I have a bunch of other conditioners to get through so I won't be repurchasing this anytime soon. I do find that if I  leave my other conditioners on as long as I do this one, it gives a similar effect. (Though not as good) I think this only set me back $3 and it lasted a very long time considering the length of my hair.

(Update: After not using a deep conditioner for about 2 weeks I noticed a significant reduction of the smoothness and silkiness of my hair. I think I am addicted to using a deep conditioner and thus I managed to locate another type in my stash which I am currently loving)

The last thing I finished this month was this mini bottle of Pink Eau de Parfum from Victoria Secret. I got one of those variety sets for Christmas a few years back. I am not into Victoria Secret Perfumes but the little bottles made it very easy to carry around. With the hot weather, it is good to have a pleasant scent excrete out of your pores instead of just sweat. lol

I will try to get back into blogging this month. I have a bunch of posts that are currently in progress... just need the motivation to finish them! On another note, I am thinking of switching to short quick blog posts more often. What do you girls think???

Love Always 



  1. Evil procrastination! My bag of empties is nearly 3 month big now.... Nice u finish up things u hate - always quite challenging!

    I m thinking if I should so an empties video, would u watch it if I do it in English or Cantonese?

    Welcome back to blogging. :P. cheers

    1. I would watch it in both! lol I am your #1 fan! <333 hehe The little orange tube is very noticeable on my shelf and I didn't have the heart to throw it out...

  2. Great Empties Ari!! I'm not a fan of the versailles no bara mascaras.

    By the way, when are you coming over here!! :)

    1. I think I am done with long vacations this year.... I am studying for a certification exam which will take me about a year. =3

  3. Re: The Body Shop moisturizer: I have one from them that is supposed to be "mattifying," and it leaves my normally normal/slightly dry skin SO OILY. Oilier than any other moisturizer has, ever. And it is supposed to be mattifying. The Body Shop makes AMAZING body moisturizers, but their facial moisturizers just do not work.

    1. This was the only facial moisturizer I ever tried but I will make a point to avoid! Thanks for the tip!


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