Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tops and Tails

I picked this up per recommendation from Liz. I thought it was a very good deal. They are both full size and individually they cost $18 each. This set cost $25. There was a sale going on at and I got mine for $20. 

I tried the base coat on its own today and it gives your nails a nice smooth finish that is semi-matte. I can't wait to see how polishes perform with this on! 

Edit: I am loving the base coat so far! I sometimes apply just a base coat on my nails to strengthen them but does anyone notice that your base coat chips like regular nail polish? Well not this one!!! It applies and then disappears. My nails are left smoooootthhh and matte and even a little harder! I will be doing a comparison post shortly. =D


  1. Is the base coat color your nails after you apply them? 'cuz it looks beige

    1. Hi ^^ it goes in completely clear! I don't notice any color whatsoever. I can still see my natural nails through it and it actually makes them look nicer. I can't explain it. I will try and post some pictures soon! ^^

  2. I hope you enjoy them!

  3. Found and following your blog through bloghop, chek mine follow back if you like....


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