Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birchbox May 2012 Gossip Girl Edition!

I was so excited when I found out that Birchbox is doing a gossip girl edition for the month of May! I have to say when I got the box I was a little underwhelmed. 

The products are great and all and I am looking forward to trying them all but I don't really understand how this is tied into the show. (I don't watch the show personally so if anyone can point to any ties please let me know) It is overall a good box however I was expecting something really neat like the Teen Vogue one for March

On another note... I found out that Glossy Box is coming to the U.S.! I am on the waiting list to be notified when we can start signing up for them! I don't know if I need two subscription boxes... to be honest I don't have time to try a lot of the items till a month or two later but I LOVE getting them every month! haha. Is anyone interested in Glossy Box?


  1. I have always read blogs/watch videos on boxes, hardly any box seem interesting.

    This looks quite special, everything inside I'm interested to try!

    Hmmm.. still contemplating whether or not to subscribe to one myself.. hehe...

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    1. Its more of the excitement opening an unknown box than the contents itself.... lol

    2. yes - but it is so prone to disappointment :S hence not yet decide to subscribe

  2. This box looks great to me! I'm dying to try some Ojon!


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