Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birchbox Haul

In my February Birchbox there was this Juice Serum that I absolutely loved and I think I kind of needed. In accordance to my 2012 resolutions, I debated over a month before I decided to purchase this product. 

This is going to be a small haul but I am excited about everything!

Zoya 3 in 1 formula nail polish remover
I never tried this before but I have heard good reviews. I personally love the ELF nail polish remover pads. I needed something to push me over to free shipping so I decided to get this. I don't know about the formula but the bottle to me is genius! You basically put your cotton pad on the spout and push down and the product comes up. (Like those dispensers in Sephora) I planned to give this away to a friend because she is more into nails than I am. (Jenn that means you!)

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum
Did I need this? Most definitely! I received a sample in my February Birchbox, and I loved it. This whole order was centered around this product! I would have ordered it last month except it was sold out! *tear* 
It doesn't dramatically reduce pimples but I do notice a difference. Given it is an organic product, I don't expect it to do miracles overnight but it is very good at keeping semi pimples away and speeding up the healing process. I finished my little sample a few days ago and I felt vulnerable without some sort of acne prevention product. I am glad I have a full size of this now. 

Juice Serum Blemish Be Gone
Since I loved their serum, I wanted to try a spot treatment. I thought this would be a small pump but it turns out it is a roller ball. Not sure how I feel about that yet. I tried it out once but I am not loving it.

I am so excited about these products! Have you ever tried any Juice Products? 

I would love some acne prevention/treatment product recommendations! =D


  1. WOW thanks Ari! I have something for you too! I recently bought two shirts that were final sale and unfortunately, I don't like them. Let's hit up Beebo to exchange and eat oysters!

    1. I was hoping to give it to you before you read it.... darn....

  2. May's birchbox

    1. I dont watch gossip girls but I love these "special edition" boxes! Thanks Jenn!


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