Monday, April 30, 2012

April 2012 Empties

A quick empties post this month. Due to my allergic reaction to the Clinque serum I switched completely to my Claudalie vino perfect line to calm my skin. Thusly I haven't been able to try many items this month.

Bath and Body Works Rice Flower and Shea Body Cream
Bath and Body Works Country Apple Body Cream

They are mildly moisturizing. For the spring they do the job however I wouldn't depend on them during the winter months. I liked the smell of the Country Apple however I would probably not repurchase either scents because I would want to try the other scents.

Aussie Aussome Volume Conditioner

Loved this conditioner. There was noticeable volume when I used this product. It's nothing "Aussome" but pretty good nonetheless. I have a few other conditioners to go through so I wont be repurchasing this anytime soon.

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum

Got this sample in my birchbox and I loved it!!! This small tube lasted me over 4 weeks and I have already repurchased the full size. I use it daily sometimes twice a day! ^^

Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Shampoo

This is the product I am the most proud to finish this month. This HUGE Bottle of HS, I love that it helps with my dandruff problem but it leaves my hair oily. I tried the classic one before too and it's about the same. I still have one full size bottle to go through. I discovered a new hair care routine this month! I hope to share it soon!

I hope this post turns out okay. This is my first post that is completely written on my iPhone, I am having some serious computer issues. ( two laptops died on my in the last two weeks? My friend calls me the laptop murderer!)
Hopefully I will get one of them fixed and back in my possession by the end of the week! Enough of my ranting. I hope everyone is having a good week. Hope to blog more soon. ~~


  1. my mood will be badly affected on bad skin days... wish your skin turn better ASAP!! wish your mood and skin shine! :)

    Wow you use up two big size of body moisturiser - good job!

    I have a long long empties post coming - hehe - Cheers!


    1. Thanks! its getting a lot better now, almost completely back to normal. I always look forward to your empties posts! Cant wait!!!

    2. by the way, I really love rice flower and shea, classic and gives a 'home' feeling :D my empties post is up Hehe

    3. Not sure if its just the bottle I got, but the lotion applied streaky and it didn't absorb well.

    4. I agree - the body cream formula doesnt absorb too well. The lotion is better. But if I don't use too much, the body cream is okay too - their scents are so strong and good I can't over-apply anyway - :P

    5. I can't wait till their next sale and I can pick up more! So I can switch it up depending on my mood that day. I almost dont need to wear perfume with some of these scents!


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