Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Special Edition Birchbox

Last week I got an email invite from Birchbox to attend an event at the Dermalogica boutique in soho.

110 Grand St
(between Broadway & Mercer St) 
New York, NY 10013

It was a nice event, we drank wine and had a few bites to eat.

There was also a photobooth set up by where guests could take Polaroids!

They offered a 20% discount throughout the shop but there wasn't anything I really wanted to try. On our way out we received a Birchbox with some Dermalogical samples! 

(I admit this was the reason why I went! I admit it! I love freebies!)

They were mostly anti aging products so I don't know if I will use them or give them away yet. I love the little pouch it came with. I might make that my extra makeup bag for short trips!


  1. tried the masque, was just ok. the thermofoliant still sits in my bathroom cabinet.

    I am a believer in, it's never too early to start anti-aging! :P


    1. I am starting to believe that also.... need to get my hands on some firming eye cream asap ><

  2. Since I got the same gift set, I should take it as a sign to begin the anti-aging treatment. HAHA


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