Friday, March 30, 2012

My First Tag!!

So I think I got tagged by So lonely In Gorgeous for what I am going to guess the tag is My first tag? So since this would be my first tag I suppose I don't have a choice and must answer the following questions!

1. How did you come up with your blog's name?
Honestly I had no idea, but I do have OCD when I get attached to something. So it seemed fitting. For example, I will put a song on repeat till I get sick of it. hehe

2. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
I am going to cheat and pretend she asked what are my favorite flavors~~
Pumpkin (comes out around Autumn) Red Bean, Green Tea (the ones they serve at this japanese chain called ichi-umi) Mango, Pralines n Cream, Baskin Robbins Love Potion 21 (comes out around Valentines Day)

I wonder if anyone noticed I love ice cream xD

3. What's your favorite physical feature?
Hmmm.... Can I say my hair?? I am very proud of it! If that doesn't count then.... my lips. I have very pouty lips. =D

4. What's the strangest thing you've eaten?
Hmmm... well a lot of things I've eaten that people might think it's strange but I think of as normal but I will go with what sounds the weirdest.... pigs blood. It is like made into gelatin like texture. I'm not particularly found of it but it does sound kind of disturbing... haha

5. What are your favorite blushes to wear during Spring?
I don't have a particular blush in mind, but I prefer the bright oranges and red blushes along with your typical coral colors. 

6. How many lipsticks do you own?
Oh dear... I am going to count.... if your reading this you might want to go get a drink right about now. *Arbitrary passage of time* Wow! I have 18 lipsticks (Bullet form), 1 stila red lipstick palette, 7 Stila convertible colors in palettes. I think that's not too bad. =D

7. What are some cosmetic products that you continue to repurchase?
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara
Shu Uemura eyelash curler
NYX single shadow in Iced Mocha

8. Do you have any siblings?
Ah... my little brother... we fought our entire lives... bloody noses and bruised arms as kids, and a dependable fella as an adult. He has his idiotic moments, (what does celery look like?) but I love him. Shhhh! No one tell him that!

9. If you could meet any famous/infamous person in history (either living or deceased), who would you meet?
. . . . .  *complete blank* . . . . .

10. Blanket or snuggie?
I don't own a snuggie but I love my pillows and blankets. In the wintertime, there is nothing better than a big poofy blankey and a soft pillow!

11. What's your all time favorite thing to wear (i.e. clothing. makeup, nail polish, shoes, perfume...etc)?
I won't cheat and only pick one thing: eyeliner. I always have eyeliner on when I go out. I can wear it anywhere and everywhere I go... (except when I am being a pig and lounging at home)

Bonus question:  A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi?
Not a big star wars fan. I didn't even know one of the movies was called A New hope... (waits for the onslaught of Boos)

Phew! That was exhausting but lots of fun! I am going to make my own questions, I hope you will answer them!

1. Do you remember your first stuffed animal?
2. If you have to recommend one place to eat where would it be?
3. What place do you want to visit next and why?
4. If you could only have five makeup products which five would it be?
5. Would you prefer to have a dog or cat?
6. What is your favorite fairy tale?
7. What is something you secretly love but rather not admit it? (Come clean woman!)
8. When was the last time you wrote a hand written letter?
9. Did you end up with a career you studied in uni?
10. What is the one cosmetic item you own most in quantity?
11. What is the last picture that you took?

I don't think any post is complete without a few random pictures.

Love these chocolates!

What stuff animals do when your not around....

They expect kids to eat these?!

Lastly something inspirational =)


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