Saturday, March 17, 2012

Smorgas chef

For a friends birthday (its just an excuse to go pig out!) I picked this restaurant to try.

53 Stone St
(between Coenties Aly & Mill Ln)
New York, NY 10004
(212) 422-3500

It is Scandanvian cusine, something we have never tried before so it was a treat for us all.

My friend Helen and I arrived early so we decided to get an appitizer to start since puntuality isnt a priority with my friends.

poached farm eggs, Blenheim arugula, oyster mushrooms, crispy pancetta


I got bites that was bitter and bites that was overly salted. Overall a decent dish, I wish it was seasoned thoroughly.

They were still running resturant week menu which was nice. Two of my friends decided to try it and we had two other appitizers to try.

I think it was lentil soup.


The soup was okay. It wasn't anything spectacular.

house cured salmon, horseradish creme, potato croquettes


The salmon tasted like smoked salmon and I liked it but my friends thought otherwise. The giant patty like object was a cracker and it was very hard. One of my friends took a liking to it but it didn't appeal to me.

On to the entrees!

gravlaks, jansson’s potato, swedish meatballs, herring, traditional accompaniments

This was my entree choice. I originally wanted this as an appetizer but I decided not to cause our waiter any trouble. It is surprising like the appitizer that we ordered earlier. I did like the swedish meatballs and the herring. The giant cookie like biscuit left unloved.


sorrel mashed potatoes, oyster mushrooms, juniper sauce

The salmon was good, typical salmon dish. The mash potatoes had us all very puzzled. It tasted very "green" and "earthly" but we couldn't figure out what was in it. It was very good nonetheless.

I can't seem to find the description for this but it was basically chicken with really salty kale. =D

shallots, shaved garlic, tarragon, white wine cream broth 16

Mussels and fries!?! oh yes please! I have nothing bad to say about this, like every other mussel dish and who doesn't love fries?

Cloudberry preserve, chantilly cream

I was most excited about the waffles that I forgot to take a picture before I dug in! It was softer and "soggier" than I imagined but still very good! The preserve was a little sweet for my liking but its a preserve so its expected. The chantilly cream was light and had the most delightful consistency. 

My friend had the Nutella Crepes. It was pretty good. I am not a fan of Nutella.

We also had another dessert which was the almond cake. 

Marzipan cake, raspberry jam, whipped cream 

I personally did not like the almond cake but my friend that ordered it liked it. It had too much almond flavoring for me. 

Oh! This bathroom sign gave me a good laugh so I thought I would share. =)

Phew! This was a long post in the making. I did enjoy this restaurant and the cuisine was a nice experience. I hope to try the other Smorgas Chef's in the city one day!


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