Saturday, March 3, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti Swatches and Review

I was on the lookout for an orange lipstick to replace my Mac Slimshine Missy when I finished it. I been browsing online for a high end lipstick since I wanted my first lipstick of the year to be special.

That all went out the window rather quickly.... haha

I couldn't find a nice orange color that didn't run coral or pink. I wanted a true orange.

I have to say in the tube they don't look all that similar. In fact my Missy looks a lot more coral and muted in the tube but comes out more orange. They are almost exactly alike. 

Missy on the left and Tutti Frutti on the right.

They look almost identical!

I do like the consistency of Missy more, it does go on thicker though, I think it is because it is so soft, whereas Tutti Frutti is thicker and I really press it on. 

Now for the lip butter... I do think they are more moisturizing than most lipsticks but it isn't amazing. After sipping my drink for 2-3 hours I felt like the lipstick was gone from my lips but it did leave a light orange stain. (Which was nice) However it left my lips feeling dry. In comparison my Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipsticks were more moisturizing on the lips. (Too bad they are discontinued)

On another note, the lip butters are kind of small in size. They only contain 2.55g of product and I think most lipsticks contain over 3g. I am not complaining since I have a problem finishing up items but its something that might be interesting to some of you. 

I do like Tutti Frutti and I am very glad to have it. Once I finish up Missy I will be using this a lot. Here is a FOTD with Tutti Frutti. 

I was actually speed walking to work when I snapped this picture.

I think the Revlon Lip Butters are nice but they are a bit over hyped. Not all the colors are wearable. Some of them remind me of crayons and not all colors look good on the lips. 

This is my first of Eight allowed purchases for No Buy 2012


  1. You are so cute! And they look so orange but not so much on the lips.

    It feels like half the blogosphere is on some sort of no-buy and the other half are hauling luxury labels like mad. Where is the balance, I ask??? lol

    1. I think after years of youtuber/blogger enabling, our collections have grown so out of control, we are trying to focus on quality over quantity and using up the quantity that we have. =D

  2. You look sooooo pretty!!! and tutti frutti looks great on you. great swatches :) and you're right, they look identical. Kicking myself for not buying it when I was in L.A., I had tutti frutti in my hands but put it back because I had a crap load of other cosmetics in my target cart.

    1. I am glad I have an orange for the spring! I think I am going to be using this a lot!


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