Saturday, March 31, 2012

Out with the old and In with the New Part Deux

This is the series where I throw out stuff I will never use and regretted wasting my money on. I am going to try and do this every quarter. 

On to Part Deux!

I swatched this heavily on the left and rubbed it in on the right and as you can see, it is no sheer at all! It doesn't do anything for my skin and I don't reach for it. I honestly have no idea why I bought this...

I want to reiterate this is a lip pencil not an eye pencil. Why would you put a dark brown color on your lips?!? The only reason why I kept this pencil so long was because I told myself I would use the shimmery side but alas I never did even though it sat in my "daily use drawer"

I had high hopes that this eyelash serum would work as well as the L'Oreal one but this one irritated my eyes and didn't do much for my lashes. In the trash it goes. 

I hated this eyelash primer. It weighed my lashes down and made my mascara clumpy. Glad it was only a sample.

 Yet another ELF product. The concealers are very cakey and thick. The shades don't really match my skin color and if you try to put something over these they mix into this very weird color. Not attractive at all. 

I thought this would make a really pretty highlighter. The product in the tube separates and you have to shake it before you squeeze it out. It doesn't apply smoothly. I put a sheer layer next to the thick swatch but it doesn't blend very well. 

I am happy to finally get rid of these duds however it upsets me that I wasted my money on these things. It is the inexpensive items that get you! 


  1. hm.. sometimes I have this feeling also, always impulsively buying inexpensive things that turned out aren't usable or useful to me... piling up, that is still a fortune wasted :S

    hope to see a shorter and shorter quarterly update - meaning we/you can find better use of things we/you own and less regret-purchase!

    1. haha yea I agree... Doing these updates helps me see how much useless junk I wasted my money on...


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