Friday, March 2, 2012

Feb 2012 Empties

My February Empties

My goal this month is to get through my bunch of mini samples and little tubes. I managed to finish off a few things and I think I might continue this into March. 

I get the thrill of finishing a product and I get to try new things. This was a fun month for me!

I keep my empties in a small Sephora bag. =)

Walgreens Premium Cotton Ovals

I purchased these because they were on sale and I needed some cotton rounds. It didn't come apart as easily as other cotton rounds. I think the perforation held the cotton together well. I soaked the cotton with my eye makeup remover and it works great. My only problem with these are they are too big. I cut them in half and used half one day and half the other. I probably won't purchase these again because it became such a hassle to have to cut them.

Japanese Cotton Puffs
I got these from Mitsuwa (Japanese market / Food court) because I wanted to find a cheaper alternative to my beloved Shiseido Facial Cotton. The package says Selena Fresh but I have no idea what that means and they are not scented in anyway. I liked them but I think the Shiseido Facial Cotton works better. For the price I would probably repurchase this. 

Secret Clinical Strength Sensitive Skin

I cannot live without deodorant. When these went on sale a while back I stocked up and grabbed a bunch of the different types. I like the scent of the sensitive skin version. I do not have sensitive skin so I can't say much on that regard but it works as well as the other Secret Clinical deodorants. 

Sonia Kashuk Remove eye makeup remover

I love this! It is my favorite inexpensive makeup remover. I got this in a set when I bought the large one. I tend to save the mini bottles of makeup remover for when I travel. However one day I was looking into my stash and I found a bunch of mini bottles. I think I am going to work my way through a few bottles that are just taking up space. 

Lancome Bright Expert Serum

I got this as a GWP (Gift with Purchase) and it was okay. I didn't care for the scent and it lingers on your skin. I didn't notice any particular brightening effects and I used this daily. It took me over a month to finish this so it was a good size sample. I won't be purchasing this in the future. 

Caudalie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream

I love the smell of all Caudalie products. I liked this night cream but I don't think its the most moisturizing night cream I ever tried. I do think it would be more than sufficient during the non-winter months. I love the Caudalie line of products. I probably won't repurchase this anytime soon. I have too many others to worth through. I would definitely recommend this night cream!

Boscia Restorative Night Moisture Cream

I really did not like the smell of this and I didn't find it to be all that moisturizing. I think this kind of broke me out too. I tried it for about two weeks before I threw it out before finishing it.

I had a bunch of sample packets and I wanted to get rid of some of them. 

The Dior products were okay. No raves no complaints. =)

I think the silver packet gave my camera a weird yellow tinge.
I got a bunch of samples from Jenn when she went to Korea last summer. This was one of the many samples she gave me. It is by the brand Tony Moly. I never heard of this but I really loved this cream!! It is very moisturizing. I can still feel it keeping my face plump and soft hours after I applied it to my skin. I need to hunt down this cream!

L'Oreal Youth Code

L'Oreal is doing a lot of promos for this cream and I was tempted to try it on a few occasions. I am glad I never purchased it. I think it is an okay moisturizer but it is not a standout product for me. 

Shiseido Future Solutions Lx Ultimate Regenerating Serum

The scent is more perfume than scented cream and I absolute love the smell. It is light and sweet and if it was a perfume it might be one of the few floral scents I would be attracted to.
 It is suppose to be a serum but it goes on thick like a cream and I feel it works as a light moisturizer.
I really like this serum! I might need to read more into it to see if it would suit my needs but I would definitely consider purchasing a full size of this!

Benefit Some Kind of Gorgeous

This is my first mini of the Some kind of Gorgeous. I have one more from my Tan about Town set. As I mentioned before I think it's okay, It has this plastic scent that I am not fond of and it lacks coverage. 

ELF lip lock Pencil

I had this for a while and never used it. You are suppose to apply it on the end of your lips to keep your lip color from bleeding. I find this an unnecessary step and I never pick this up. I do like the smell of this. It smells like chrysanthemums.

Phew! I think I did pretty well this month. I made a lot of progress in other products this month so I think March will provide an even better Empties post.

Do you feel a rush of satisfaction when you finish a product?


  1. girl you did well in Feb! reading your post is satisfying itself~ and you give really short and precise reiview! tony moly is a very good brand and their products are with cute packaging - see the pink facial spray i have here:

    like your presentation/empties, and keep it up! ;)

    1. Omgosh that is adorable! Is the brand available in HK? I might need to try some more of their products!



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