Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheap Thrills

There is something about Cheap Thrills that are so satisfying! 

Walgreens was running a sale on the new WnW polishes and I had seen a review that said they lasted quite well on the nails. At $1 a bottle I decided it would be okay to pick up a bunch of them.

Wet Cement


I Red a Good Book


On a Trip 

 I Needa Refresh-Mint

Through the Grapevine

 Sugar Coat

Clear Nail Protector

I am going to use this cheapy clear color to mix in glitters and pigments!

I passed by this collection many times in store and I always stop to look at them. The colors were so attractive. I picked up Wet Cement many times but never made it to the register. When I received my package in the mail the colors didn't seem as wonderful. Maybe the lighting in my room is not as "beautifying" as the stores lighting. xD


  1. great deal there! the colours look pretty! wear them and try to do notd maybe?


  2. wow! you don't kid when you say a bunch lol i had the clear one before and it stays "new" for a while before it turns goopy.


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