Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Final Leap

My winter boots I purchased almost 4 years ago were finally giving out on me. 

They were from Aldo and they were very inexpensive. 

After years of wear I finally decided I needed a new pair of boots so I made the leap.

These are my very first pair of Uggs and I can understand why people love them. They are very snug and light compared to my old pair from Aldo. I would have to if they retain their snugness.

I opted for the black pair because they didn't have a maroon or reddish color which I would have preferred.

Very boring purchase but possibly my most expensive pair of shoes yet.

What are your most expensive shoes?


  1. These do look comfy! I haven't taken the leap to get a pair since uggs aren't really my style but hey, when it boils down to being comfy and warm or fashionable and cold, I choose comfy :) Now most expensive shoes, I spent about $400 on a pair of heels once. Not sure if I brought them with me when I moved, they may be at my parents house.

    1. I haven't found a pair of heels that I loved enough to be worth the splurge but I am sure one will pop up in my near future! I shall start padding my wallet. =)

  2. glad you finally got them!


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