Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Polish Pan

Polishes could be the hardest things to finish. I am excite (and a little sad) to say goodbye to these loved bottles. 

I used this for a base coat and to be honest. It was just okay. Nothing spectacular but it does the job. 

This was my favorite base coat. It is great at strengthening my nail and I use to wear this on its own. Sadly this has been discontinued a long time ago and this is my last bottle. 
I would have to say the only problem with this is the smell but for it's performance it was well worth it.

This one is my 3rd or 4th bottle. After I discovered this baby I realized I cannot live without it. I would not paint my nails if I didn't have any type of drying drops on hand. I have tried other brands of drying drops and the OPI one dries the quickest. I no longer use a topcoat after discovering this.

Ah my beloved Mochachino. This was one of my favorite nail polishes. I looked for many dupes for this polish and I think NYC Canal street comes the closest. I wouldn't say this polish is quick drying but the color is gorgeous.

How many bottles have you finished? 

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  1. Agree! I don't often finish a real polish. Usually just the base and top coats... :P


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