Sunday, January 15, 2012

Out with the old and In with the New Part Un.

I went through my makeup drawers and collected items I know I would never use. Then I proceeded to give away what I could. The rest are heading to the trash.

What I learned: I will probably stop buying E.L.F. items, there really isn't a product that I love from them and it seems like a waste of money.

I don't have the heart to throw out some of the items but these need to go, I will probably have a couple more of these as the year continues....


  1. Ari! I also dislike the EOS lip balm, very non-moisturising... But why throw away the everyday minerals? They are decent... :)

    1. I know! I don't understand the hype. My whole foods lip balm triumphs EOS's any day. The everyday minerals are samples I ordered a while ago to test my coloring and they weren't right. I fell in love with the bare minerals matte foundation.


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