Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project 5 Lips (P5L)

While reading Jacq's blog, I came across a very interesting post. 

P20L has two goals.
1. Finish 20 lip products before going out to buy new ones.
2. Wear every lip color at least once.

I don't have the biggest lip product collection but I have enough to worry about them going bad. I cannot contemplate going through 20 lip products, my best guess is it would take me over 2 years!

I did feel very inspired to do something similar. I want to start Project 5 lips.
(Yes I am too chicken to commit to 20 products!)
1. For every 5 lip products I finish, I will be allowed to purchase 1 lip product.

2. I will also ATTEMPT to go through all my lipsticks at least once and do a FOTD with them.

My goal is to check back every 3 months for an update. 

(From left to right)
Mac Slimshine in Missy, Lancome Natural Beauty, Mac Lovin' It, Maybelline Plum Wine, Mac Aristo-Chic

I felt like I was cheating a bit with Aristo-Chic so I will throw in two lip glosses

This is an ELF gloss that I love because of its opacity but it refuses to finish. It still has plenty left despite its appearance.

I got this in a swap and I like the color but I am not really into lip glosses. 

Would you be willing to try a variation of P20L?


  1. thanks Ari for the mentioning and doing a similar and interesting project!! definitely going to see your FOTD and swatches and see how you finish lip products! Looks like you quite love some of your MAC lipsticks! :P

    Happy new year of Dragon!!!

    1. You are my inspiration! I am going to be looking at your updates for motivation! I had the mac ones for a while so I thought it would be best for me to start there! hehe



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