Monday, January 2, 2012

Benefit Tan about Town...

I can't resist when Sephora comes out with this benefit minis. I have all the other ones and this is my latest addition.

I tried the Some kind of Gorgeous before and I think it's okay, It has this plastic scent that I am not fond of and the coverage is very lacking.

I never tried Bad gal lash and after reading reviews I didn't expect it to hold a curl so I decided to skip it and give it to a friend who wanted to try it.

The mini Hoola. This was the reason why I bought this mini collection. I always wanted to try Hoola and I know I would never finish a full size product. This little mini will fit perfectly into my unii palette.


  1. These mini's are cute :) I'm not a fan of Bad Gal, but I do like some kind of gorgeous. For me, it's great for casual days when I don't want to wear foundation or a tinted moisturizer.

  2. I think it smells kinda funny though... and the scent lingers too... so weird... are you back from L.A? How as it!?!?


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