Friday, September 30, 2011

Life Changing

I discovered these about a year ago and have loved them ever since. I refuse to do my nails without them.

What am I talking about? Quick drying drops. I usually pick up the sephora by opi one. I am at my 3rd bottle I think and i go through it rather quickly.

I have since switched to the Sally Hansen speed dry drops. I was browsing around rite aid one day and I saw these drying drops on clearance, approximately $2 a bottle!! I grabbed all 4 bottles!!!

I picked this up earlier this year and the Sally Hansen one has lasted me a very long time! I'm just 1/4th through my first and it's been months! The opi one is taking a back seat!

I do however think the opi one is superior. It works faster and is more liquid. The Sally Hansen is a bit thicker and doesn't dry as quickly. I will probably look for alternatives once I finish these. It might not be for another year though.

I place one drop per nail and let it coat my whole nail and wait about a min till it's dry to the touch and go and wash my hands.

I don't use a top coat after I discovered this because my nails dry smudge free without a top coat. That and all my top coats have turned thick and junky and my favorite top coat has been discontinued.

I do however think my nail polish color fades after a 3 days because I am not using a top coat to "seal" in the color but... Yea... I'm still too lazy... Hehe


Thursday, September 29, 2011


People who do not eat beef for religious or animal rights reasons but carry leather bags....


Jane blushing cheeks in Blushing Petal

I picked this up when they were fazing out Jane at my rite aid. I paid no more than $2 for it. ( can't remember exact price paid)

It's a beautiful dirty rose color, its one of my everyday colors. It's very very pigmented and I barely tap my brush into it.

Can't say it lasts all day on me (but I don't think anything does) but I do love it a lot.

Veet rapid action hair removal lotion Review

I had very high hopes for this. Shaving is always a pain and im too pain adverse to epliate.

I hate this.

It smells like hair dye they mix in a hair salon. Disgusting.

It says apply a thick layer of lotion over hair and leave for 3 minutes and no longer than 6 minutes. I waited 3 minutes the rinsed. Still hairy. I reapplied and waited 5 minutes and it did tingle a bit. I noticed my hairs got longer so I assume it did pull a little bit out of the root but not enough to remove any hairs.

In the end I still had to shave.

This was a waste of money. Do not buy!!!! This is going straight into the trash. I might never try a hair removal cream again thanks to the horrible experience.

L'egere Multi White BB Creme

I wanted to try this bb creme ever since fuzkittie mentioned it over a year ago. However it's $30 imomoko price tag seemed too steep for me considering I knew the price was jacked up from the $20 price tag in Asia. When my brother was in Hong Kong last year I asked him to pick me up one. I have to say I do quite like it.

It's kind of dark tint but blends well into the skin. It has a very dewy finish and takes a little while to set. I don't think it is a very long lasting bb creme, 2-3 hours on my normal/combo T zone. I mostly apply this to my T-zone. It doesn't cover blemishes but does cover hyper pigmentation just fine.

I use my fingers to apply it. I use to use a brush but it became too much of a hassle.

Overall I really like this BB creme but I will moat likely not repurchase it because I have a bunch of others to go thru and it doesn't last as long as I would like. I did thoroughly enjoy this product and will use it to the very end.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Walgreens eye makeup remover review

This has to be the worst makeup remover I ever used. It's overly perfumed smell is intoxicating and not in a good way. It doesn't remove water proof makeup and smears what it does remove around my eye area.

I will finish it because I paid for it. Currently pairing this with my Body Shop Camomile waterproof eye makeup remover to remove the residual makeup.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NOTW - Milani Blackberry Baby

Milani Blackberry Baby with classic Color Red Sparkle on my ring finger. =]

Quest to Finish 10 Pan

I decided with my pressing financial condition and the overwhelming amount of makeup/ skincare that I have it is time that I stopped buying ANYTHING! Hopefully I can hold out till I finish at least 10 products. My guidelines are

1. A product doesn't count if I will repurchase.
2. Completed item means it goes in the trash.

That's pretty much it. Hehe. I had my eye on a uni palette or a z palette... Sigh problems are already arising.


Monday, September 12, 2011

NOTW - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Emerald City

I miss the feeling of Christmas so I opted for some green nails for this week.

Glitter Nail is Party of Five Glitter by Wet n' Wild

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner Review

I have a full size of this that I finished and I will definitely be repurchasing. The little one is one I got in a set that I take with me to travel.

I don't necessarily think it keeps my skin clear. It does tingle / sting A LITTLE BIT when applied. I personally like that feeling. Feels like my skin is being stripped clean. It does however leave my face a tad bit red afterwards but that could be the tea tree working it's magic to kill off bacteria and oil.

The smell can be over powering at first but it grows on you. It smells of tea tree oil and lemon.

You have to shake the product before you use it. There is a mixture that settles on the bottom of the bottle.

I never knew how much I liked this toner till I ran out. I switched back to my Caudalie toner and it just wasn't the same. In comparison, the other toners seem like wiping my face with water.

At $11 a bottle it is fairly inexpensive. The Body Shop is always running sales , I am just waiting for a good coupon before I make my next purchase. =]

Edit: I purchased 2 bottles during their buy 2 get 1 free sale and I had a birthday gift of $10 plus it stacked with my 20% love your body promo <3

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite Lip Balm!!! Whole foods organic tangerine

This has to be one of the best lip balms I ever tried. It is by far my favorite. It has a sweet citrus smell and it's very smooth and hydrating. I can understand and pronounce all of the ingredients which is always a plus! And at $1.99, it can't be beat!

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