Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Creme Review

I got a mini one of these when the body shop was having their after Christmas sale. I was going aiming to get the tea tree set but more on that later. There was this stand and it said 5 items for $10. Thats right 5 for $10. I love minis because I never finish a full size product or if I do it would take me over a year. I grabbed a bunch of minis and this was one of them.

The one I got was 15ml/0.5g/14.g and comes in a little jar, exactly the same as the picture above but a small mini version.

My thoughts: I really like this!

I brought it with me when I went to Michigan to visit my friend for a week and this was the only moisturizer I took with me.

It has a thick creme texture and it is very moisturizing. It is just slightly less moisturizing than my Shiseido Bio Performance creme but its about 1/5 the price and The Body Shop does make a Intense Vitamin E moisturizer not to mention a Vitamin E night moisturizer.

My only problem with this product is that I think it was making my face red. I don't think I was allergic to it because my face didn't break out in little bumps and it wasn't itchy, I just think it doesn't calm my redness. It could also be that I wasn't using any of my whitening skincare.

Overall I am very very impressed with The Body Shop products. They are green, and don't test on animals which is always a plus. It would take the cake if it didn't use parabens but alas nothing is perfect.

At $16 for a full size creme I would definitely consider repurchasing this. (If I ever finish all my other cremes) The Body Shop are always having deals so I would just wait till the next good deal before I repurchase. I will also be trying other items from this line and other lines from The Body Shop.

Packaging: 9/10 (Jar packaging could be unsanitary however it is too thick to be in a tube so I'll overlook it)
Price: 9/10 (It is very good creme for it's price)
Results: 8.5/10 (The unknown redness side effect still has me a bit worried)
Scent and Texture: 10/10 (Has a pleasant soothing scent)
Repurchase: Yes
Holy Grail: No

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