Thursday, December 15, 2011

A serious of disappointments.... Sigma F40

I placed a sigma brush order to replace my must have brushes after my incident...( ass broke into my car and robbed my luggage when I was on vacation)

This would be my first order from sigma and in ordered a contour brush, two blending brushes and got a free blending brush.

The brushes are the F40, E40, E35 and I got a free mini E25. ( this was the freebie I wanted so I was very excited!)

The F40, large Angled contour brush. It is not large at all. Compared to my last contour brush it was about half in size and not very dense. The hair is very long and tapered and the not as flexible as I would like.

It smells very plastic, hopefully it will wash out evenually.

I think it would be good for a strong contour but it takes longer for me to blend out the color.

It would make a good blush brush because it covers such a small area.

When it comes down to it, in the case of this brush it depends on your personal preference.

I would have much preferred something more dense and bigger. Perhaps it can only be considered a large contour if you are comparing it to something like the Mac 109 brush. Even then I feel this brush isn't that large.

(sorry for the yellow pictures, I need to get some cool white light bulbs)

Update: After frequent use it has fluffed out quite a bit however the bristles seem dry... if that make sense... 


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