Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask

I was trying to use up some of my moisturizers, and I opened a Dove Moisturizer SPF 15. It was a mini travel size one I bought for vacation. 

Couple hours later, my face broke out is little red bumps. That little tube went straight in the trash. (Hence no picture)

I remembered I had an aloe mask sitting around somewhere... so I decided to give it a try. 

My Current Issues: Irritated Dry skin

This is what the website says: (Link!)

Main ingredients

- Aloe; Provides skin with adequate moisture content
- Rose; Improves dry and rough skin texture
- Amino acid; Nourishes and moisturizes skin
- Hyaluronic acid; Highly effective in moisture retention


- Moisturizes, repairs, revitalizes and nourishes skin
- For use on normal skin, especially recommended for dry skin and damaged skin

The mask was light perfume scent which was pleasant. It smells nothing like aloe, its more like a baby product scent???

The paper mask is thin compared to my others I have used but it was well saturated. 

I put it on, climbed in bed and watched Netflix on my iPhone. About 40 mins later (one episode of my current  obsession) I removed the mask. 

Pro: After the mask, I did notice my skin was more very smooth to the touch and the redness and irritation has reduced. 

Cons: I noticed immediately that my face was ghostly pale. It was almost like the color drained from my face..Normally after using a mask, (any type of mask) my face is very moisturized and I can skip moisturizer for the night. Thirty minutes after this mask, I felt like my skin could use more hydration.

I think this would be a nice mask in the summer time, however for the winter it does not provide enough hydration. I was also surprised I did not have an adverse reaction to the rose ingredient in this mask. I received this in a mask swap I did with a coworker and chances are I won't be repurchasing this particular mask. However if it came in a variety pack I would gladly try it again. 

Initial effect: 3/5
Hydration: 2/5
Firming: n/a
Whitening; 2/5
Smoothness: 4/5
Scent: Light baby lotion scent that doesn't linger
Overall: 2.75/5


  1. Hey Ari, sorry to hear about your break out. If you like, I can send you some masks from Japan. Just let me know :)

  2. Thank you so much for the offer! I am so touched... T.T I want to finish my stash of masks first. I am almost done! I have about a box left!


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