Monday, December 12, 2011

Lost in the Half Shell....

My friend Jenn and I had this bet going to see if our friend was going to have a boy or a girl.... and I lost this one. (She's having a boy!!!)

So I had to take her out to dinner and we decided on this place! (Eats on Lex)

I still am not sure whether or not it is called Eats on Lex or just Eats.... but anyway we had one of the best oysters! We each had a dozen of them!

We also shared a chicken entree which was also very good! We digged right into that so I don't have a picture. 

If you ever have the chance go check this place out, it is on the pricey side and I would skip the cocktails as they were medicore at best. =)



  1. I love the outside of the restaurant, and those oysters look yummy!! I just woke up and you're making me hungry...sigh, just have to settle for oatmeal :(

  2. we sat right against the window and "observed" the traffic on lex... haha

  3. OMG the restaurant looks so different in light! LOL


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