Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet tooth - DessertTruck Works

One of my besties took me out to her favorite ramen place. Everything was so delicious that I digger right in so there are no pictures.... =[

I did however try to contain my excitement when we went to Dessert Truck Works!

We had two macaroons, the passion fruit and the salty caramel. We also ordered the chocolate bread puddding with bacon fudge.

The macaroons have to be the best I ever had and I loved them. ( Did I mention I dislike macaroons??) They were that good!!! At $2 each they are pricey but I would still urge you to try of you ever got the chance!!!!

The salty caramel had sweet sugary goodness with a deep caramel middle. I didn't find it salty at all, it seemed more like normal caramel with me. That being said it had a very smooth and deep caramel taste. The texture wasn't sticky and definitely didn't stick to my teeth. (Didn't get a chance to snap a picture again)

The passion fruit is a must try if you are a fan. One bite and I could taste the sourness that comes with real passion fruit. I was immediately brought back to my childhood when my grandmother use to buy me passion fruit juice when I use to visit her in the Caribbean. Passion fruit juice is made by boiling down real passion fruit and has an intense sweet and mildly sour taste and has an opaque orange brownish color. Yes it was that amazing. It is rare to find this type of passion fruit flavor. I savored every bite.

The chocolate bread pudding surprised me! It is definitely what I had in mind when I think of bread pudding. It had a layer of warm chocolate cake almost brownie like but not as dense and deep chocolate syrup but not as rich as the consistency of fudge. Topped with bacon bits and lastly a dollop of real whipped cream. The salty bacon bits and the chocolate complement each other very well. I even liked the whipped cream, which was definitely not your typical store bought cream, this cream is definitely fresh and whipped to perfection. Not overly sweet at all.

I can't wait to come back to sample the rest of the macaroons.

DessertTruck Works
6 Clinton St
(b/t Avenue B & Houston St)
Lower East Side
New York, NY 10002


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